Improve Operational Efficiency

Globalization has brought more opportunities in local markets but shorter product lifecycles and rapid changes in demand and customer needs. Traditional automation and enterprise networks inhibit visibility, flexibility, and integration of systems in manufacturing enterprises, slowing new product introductions, harming customer satisfaction ratings, lowering utilization rates, and increasing business risk.

"Work Your Way" (WYW) is a transformative approach that supports evolving business objectives and employee work styles by letting users work on any device, wherever and whenever they want, without jeopardizing the business, security, or user experience. And the Cisco Unified Workspace strategy brings this vision to life.

The strategy transforms the traditional manufacturing enterprise workplace concept into a workspace that moves with employees by unifying mobility, video, collaboration, and any business applications an employee needs. It creates a competitive advantage by delivering:

  • Operations excellence: Get secure real-time access to production data to enhance plant efficiency, safety, and return on assets.
  • Customer intimacy: Respond quicker to customer orders, product issues, and service requests.
  • Continuous innovation: Enhance collaboration throughout the value chain to reduce time to market and R&D costs.
  • Supply chain agility: Share information securely and easily across a global supplier network.

Unified Workspace is a powerful strategy that extends the value of traditional IT systems into the manufacturing environment.

WYW for Manufacturing At-a-Glance

WYW for Manufacturing At-a-Glance

Get a quick overview of challenges, benefits of WYW for Manufacturing. (PDF - 751 KB).

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BYOD for Manufacturing At-a-Glance

BYOD for Manufacturing At-a-Glance

Get an overview of the challenges and benefits of BYOD for Manufacturing. (PDF - 4.14 MB).

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