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Cisco Services for Connected Health

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An Architecture That Addresses Your Business Needs

Meeting the technology needs of caregivers, hospital managers, and patients has become more challenging with the increasing reliance on mobile devices. At the same time, regulatory bodies continue to place new requirements on protecting data. Building an infrastructure that addresses the growing and complex needs is essential.

Cisco Services for Connected Health can help you build a comprehensive, highly secure, and scalable infrastructure. Our portfolio of services includes:

  • Physical safety and security
  • Unified workspace
  • Security
  • Data center
  • Integrated systems

These services are based on the guidelines and best practices of the Cisco Medical Grade Network. They will assist you in:

  • Building a blueprint to achieve strategic goals and business objectives
  • Validating healthcare applications on Cisco's comprehensive healthcare architectures
  • Achieving compliance and reducing expenses
  • Helping to ensure effective, scalable and smooth deployments
  • Optimizing use of assets, technologies and healthcare applications