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Real-Time Access to Expertise

Gain a competitive advantage with unified communications. (PDF - 1.2 MB)

Real-Time Access to Expertise

Extend the Office to Oil and Gas Fields

Extend your communications network into the drilling environment with the First Mile Wireless for Drilling (FMWD) solution. A joint solution from Cisco and Schlumberger, FMWD helps Oil and Gas operators:

  • Rapidly plan, mobilize, execute, and improve operations in terrestrial and marine drilling environments
  • Scale to support voice, data, and even video traffic if requested
  • Promote productivity, collaboration, safety, security, and crew welfare

Bridge the Digital Divide

Find out how one petroleum company improves real-time information sharing with rigs. (PDF - 8 KB)

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Cisco Solutions for Oil and Gas

White Paper

  • Extend the Office Experience to the Wellhead (PDF - 446 KB)

    Learn how First Mile Wireless provides integrated, high-speed connectivity to create the platform for advanced sense-and-respond capabilities that enhance asset productivity.

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