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Transition to IPv6

IPv6 Survey Result

Read the Cisco IPv6 Higher Education Online Survey Report and learn what you need to make the transition from IPv4 to IPv6. (PDF - 556 KB)

IPv6 Survey Result

Get Ready for the Change to IPv6

The increase in personal mobile devices used by students, faculty and employees has created a tremendous need to transition from Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) to IP version 6 (IPv6). By creating a strategy to integrate IPv6 into the existing IPv4 network infrastructure at your educational institution you will be prepared for new network-aware devices, such as tablets and smartphones, and for IP-based services, such as VoIP.

Solutions in Borderless Networks Architecture

Secure Wireless and Mobility | Safety and Security

Network Blueprints

Cisco helps you define and implement your IPv6 architecture.

Migration Services

Solution Overviews

IPv6 supports a much larger address space and helps to enable new types of applications for communication and collaboration.

Case Studies

Read how students, staff, and faculty members improve academic experience and success with IPv6.