Team: RSDevs, Russia

Application : Flash Gateway for Call Processing

Flash Gateway is a proposal that allows users to connect to H.323 and SIP Cisco phones and conferences, using a web browser. It will be also compatible with Cisco Call Manager. Users with Flash plug-ins will be able to call SIP and H.323 phones and join audio and video conferences. PC users with flash plug-ins will be able to establish H.323 and SIP connections without installing any additional software components, such as H.323 or SIP softphone.

This solution increases the efficiency of previously-installed audio and video systems, and improves Return on Investment (ROI). It also demonstrates a strong instance of leveraging ISR services, including VoIP and Quality of Service (QoS), and integrating it with an AXP based application.

Cisco AXP Contest: Team RSDevs Video

Team RSDevs

Meet Roman Skvirsky from Russia (3:17 min)

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