Team: CampUser, Brazil

Application : Locker for IP Telephony

Phone call validation is a proposal to provide a forced authorization mechanism that is integrated with Unified Communications Express on the Cisco Integrated Services Router (ISR). The solution will enable users to enter authorization profiles for call validation and manage call processing. This solution improves usability and benefits network administrators to better manage their Unified Communications solutions in the branch office . This solution saves costs by controlling unauthorized calls, provides greater flexibility to administer billing policies and improves operational efficiency.

Cisco AXP Contest: Team CampUser Video

Team CampUser

Meet Meet Toshiyuki Sakata from Brazil (2:27 min)

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Toshiyuki Sakata

Toshiyuki is a Solutions Manager for web and IP telephony applications, with extensive experience in IP telephony solutions. He holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Computer Technology, and Marketing.

He eagerly entered the contest for the opportunity to create a useful tool that can be deployed on the Cisco ISR. If he wins, he plans to invest the prize money in new IP telephony technologies.

Toshiyuki loves diving and running. He says, "If I were not coding, I would be working at an automotive company or would be an airplane pilot".