Cisco Talos Update for FireSIGHT Management Center

Date: 2019-07-11

This SRU number: 2019-07-10-001
Previous SRU number: 2019-07-08-001
Corresponding SEU number: 2042

Applies to:

SRU Change Summary:

Total new rules28
Total rule modifications4
Policy changeNo

Note: Rule updates are cumulative, so you do not need to install prior updates before installing this one. Also, because SEUs are cumulative, issues identified in previous SEUs can require your attention when you import the current SEU.

To review a cumulative list of recent feature updates and resolved issues since the last SEU you imported, use the link provided from this advisory on the Sourcefire Customer Support Site.


This release adds and modifies rules in several categories.


Talos has added and modified multiple rules in the browser-firefox, file-multimedia, file-office, malware-cnc, malware-other, os-windows and server-webapp rule sets to provide coverage for emerging threats from these technologies.

SIDs 44989-44990, 45132-45137, 45466-45467, 45511-45512, 46106-46107 provide coverage for CVE-2017-11882, CVE-2018-0802, and CVE-2018-0798. Based on new threat intelligence, we are releasing additional coverage for these CVEs - SIDs 50684, 50685, 50689-50695.

Importing an update:

You can view instructions for importing rule updates and SEUs on the Sourcefire Customer Support Site and in the user documentation for the Sourcefire 3D System.

Detailed instructions can be found on the Sourcefire Customer Support Site in the downloads section for each product.

For Assistance:

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About Talos:

The Talos Security Intelligence and Research Group (Talos) is made up of leading threat researchers supported by sophisticated systems to create threat intelligence for Cisco products that detects, analyzes and protects against both known and emerging threats. Talos maintains the official rule sets of, ClamAV, and SpamCop. The team's expertise spans software development, reverse engineering, vulnerability triage, malware investigation and intelligence gathering.