This is a disk exerciser utility for CSCti52867 and only applies to server models: MCS-7816-I4, MCS-7825-I4 & MCS-7828-I4.

If the common or root partition is currently in "Read-Only", before installing this cop file, the server must first be successfully recovered utilizing the following workaround:

1.      Reboot the server via CLI if possible.  Otherwise power-cycle the server by holding down the power button for 5 seconds or more.

2.      Boot from a CUCM recovery disk and selection option “f” to perform a file system check.  If it finds errors, then a reinstall and restore from backup may be the only way to recover completely.


 If the workaround is not successful, then this install could fail.

After installing this cop file, the firmware of the Western Digital hard drive should be upgraded to version 3B06.  If the utility need to run again, it may be installed multiple times.

Problem Description

IBM MCS-7816-I4, MCS-7825-I4 & MCS-7828-I4 customer-provided IBM xSeries x3250-M2 partitions enters "Read-Only".

Compatible Products

MCS-7816-I4, MCS-7825-I4 & MCS-7828-I4 or customer-provided IBM xSeries x3250-M2 running any of the following:

- Cisco Unity Connection (CUC) - 6.1(3) through 6.1(5), and 7.1(2) and above

- Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) - 6.1(3) through 6.1(5), and 7.1(2) and above
- Cisco Emergency Responder (CER) - 7.1 and above

- Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX) – 6.1(0) and above

- Cisco Unified Mobility Advantage (CUCMA) - 7.0(1) and above



CSCti52867  IBM 7816-I4 and 782x-I4 READONLY file system

Installation Instructions

File Nameciscocm.ibm-diskex-1.0.cop

MD5 Sume3:b0:df:b6:22:eb:f9:23:2b:a0:c5:eb:bb:35:97:2a


1)      On server models with raid (7825-I4 and 7828-I4), verify using “Volume State” is “Optimal” or “Okay”.   Raid information can be displayed using “show hardware” CLI.

2)      From the "Install/Upgrade" option under "Cisco Unified Communications Operating System Administration."

3)      Find and select the file ciscocm.ibm-diskex-1.0.cop located on your SFTP server.

4)      Install this cop file - you should see a "Status Complete" message.

5)      If the utility needs to run again, the COP file must be re-installed.

Trademarks and Notices
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Per Cisco's EOL policy, available at
http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/products_end-of-life_policy.html, the disk exerciser utility has not been tested against any Application which is beyond the End of SW Maintenance date. The user assumes all risk if the upgrades contained in disk exerciser utility are installed on a server which is running Applications which are beyond the End of SW Maintenance date THIS DOCUMENT IS PROVIDED "AS IS" WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND. CISCO SYSTEMS, INC., DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES, WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND MERCHANTABILITY WITH RESPECT TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS DOCUMENT. BY FURNISHING THIS DOCUMENT, CISCO SYSTEMS, INC. GRANTS NO LICENSES TO ANY PATENTS OR COPYRIGHTS.