Firmware Version 12.8(1) for Cisco IP Phone 8811, 8841, 8851, 8851NR, 8861 (SIP)

The 12.8(1) firmware image within the installation program supports the SIP protocol for the following Cisco IP Phones:

        Cisco IP Phone 8811

        Cisco IP Phone 8841

        Cisco IP Phone 8851

        Cisco IP Phone 8851NR

        Cisco IP Phone 8861

This firmware version is supported on Cisco Unified Communications Manager 8.5(1) and later.


Release Notes and Documentation

For a list of Resolved Problems and Known Problems with this firmware version, you can obtain the Firmware Release Notes by clicking the following URL:

For all phone documentation, click the following URL:


Installing the Firmware Load

Before using the Cisco IP Phone 8811, 8841, 8851, 8851NR and 8861 with Cisco Unified Communications Manager Release 8.5(1) or later, install the latest firmware on Cisco Unified Communications Manager Publisher server and servers that provide HTTP/TFTP service for firmware files download.

The 12.8(1) installation programs for the Cisco IP Phone 8811, 8841, 8851, 8851NR and 8861 are listed below.

Note: You should not add the .loads extension to the firmware version name in the Cisco Unified Communications Manager database.

Note: To improve software integrity protection, new public keys are used to sign cop files for Cisco Unified Communications Manager Release 10.0.1 and later. These cop files have "k3" in their name. To install a k3 cop file on a pre-10.0.1 Cisco Unified Communications Manager, consult the README for the ciscocm.version3-keys.cop.sgn to determine if this additional cop file must first be installed on your specific Cisco Unified Communications Manager version. If these keys are not present and are required, you will see the error "The selected file is not valid" when you try to install the software package.


Cisco IP Phone 8811, 8841, 8851, 8851NR and 8861 Installation Instructions

Perform the following procedure:

1.      Click the following URL:

2.      Log in to the Support and Downloads Software page.

3.      Choose the Collaboration Endpoints (Phones) Category.

4.      Choose the IP Phones

5.      Choose the Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series

6.      Choose one of the Cisco IP Phone 8811, Cisco IP Phone 8841, Cisco IP Phone 8851, Cisco IP Phone 8851NR or Cisco IP Phone 8861.

8.      Choose Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Software.

9.      Choose 12.8(1) under the Latest folder.

10.      Download the files that are listed in Table 1 to your hard drive.

Table 1: Cisco IP Phone 8811, 8841, 8851, 8851NR and 8861 Firmware Loads

IP Phone Model

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Version

Installer name on Software Page

MD5 hash

8811, 8841, 8851, 8851NR and 8861

8.5(1) or later




11.      Using your web browser, log in to the Cisco Unified OS Administration web page.

12.  Under the Software Upgrades menu, select Install/Upgrade.

13.  Fill in the appropriate values in the Software Location section for the downloaded files as listed in Table 1 and click Next.

14.  In the Options/Upgrades drop-down box, select a file you downloaded and click Next.

15.  Enusre that the downloaded file has the same MD5 hash value as listed in Table 1.

16.  Click Next.

17.  Check the installation log and verify the file installed successfully.

18.  To install another file, click Install Another and repeat steps 6 16.

19.  Log in to Cisco Unified Serviceability web page.

20.  Under the Tools menu, select Control Center - Feature Services.

21.  Select the Cisco Tftp service, and click the Restart button.


Verifying the Firmware Load

You may verify the installation of the firmware as follows:

1.      Log in to the Cisco Unified CM Administration web page.

2.      Under the Device menu, select Device Settings > Device Defaults.

3.      Verify the new firmware image name is listed in the Load Information field for the Cisco IP Phone 8811, 8841, 8851, 8851NR and 8861.


Cisco IP Phone 8811, 8841, 8851, 8851NR and 8861 Alternate Firmware Format

The Cisco IP Phone 8811, 8841, 8851, 8851NR and 8861 firmware version 12.8(1) is also supplied in a zip file as an alternative, in case a Cisco Unified Communications Manager is not available to load the installer program.  The name of this file is:

After unzipping the firmware files, they should be manually copied to the appropriate directory on the TFTP server. To be noticed, the new ringtone files for 8811, 8841, 8851, 8851NR and 8861 are not included in the zip format firmware.

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