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Vol. 1, No. 1 January 18, 1999

Cisco is pleased to announce the creation of the Technical Assistance Center (TAC) Newsletter, an electronic news vehicle for all users of the Cisco online technical support applications. Distributed every month, this newsletter will keep you informed of new online support applications, application upgrades and enhancements, software center news, and recent field notices. Of course, for immediate information and assistance, please continue to visit Cisco's technical support Web site.

As a result of feedback from the Cisco Connection Online Advisory Board (CCOAB) meetings, the TAC Newsletter was developed to better meet the needs and expectations of technical support users such as yourself. It is just one part of Cisco's ongoing commitment to building and streamlining communication for improved customer service and satisfaction.

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Title: Stack Decoder for Cisco TAC and Customers Now One and the Same
Summary: Based on feedback from the Cisco Connection Online Advisory Board (CCO AB), it was brought to Cisco's attention that the internal Stack Decoder used by our TAC was not the same one used by our customers through CCO. Cisco is pleased to announce that all CCO customers now have access to the same Stack Decoder used by TAC representatives. This improvement is certain to save time and increase productivity for all users.

Title: AccessPath-VS3 (TM) Configurator Now Available
Summary: The AccessPath-VS3 (TM) Configurator collects information to configure an AccessPath-VS3 (TM) integrated access system and provides easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions for completing forms to generate the proper configurations. In using this tool, a voice-only stack is assumed. The Cisco AccessPath-VS3 (TM) Configurator helps users quickly solve configuration challenges online by checking for valid stack components, valid IP address ranges, and common typographical errors.


Title: Cisco IOS Release 12.0.2 Now Available on CCO
URL: majorRel=12.0
Summary: Cisco IOS release 12.0.2 became available on CCO on December 9. This Early Deployment release supports a variety of platforms.

Title: Cisco IOS Release 11.3.5-DB1 Now Available on CCO
URL: majorRel=11.3
Summary: Cisco IOS release 11.3.5-DB1 became available on CCO November 30. This Early Deployment release supports the 6400 platform.

Title: Cisco IOS Release 11.3.1-DA4 Now Available on CCO
URL: majorRel=11.3
Summary: Cisco IOS release 11.3.1-DA4 became available on CCO December 1. This Early Deployment release supports the 6200 platform.

Title: Netflow Applications Planner Demo Update
URL: Summary: Although the demo version of NetFlow FlowCollector v2.0 is fully functional, it must be manually restarted every eight hours of continuous runtime. The production version removes this demo limitation. The NetFlow FlowAnalyzer demo does not have a restart limitation, thereby increasing the amount of time one can spend troubleshooting network issues.


Title: CiscoView/CiscoWorks Windows Upgrade Planner Has a New Look!
Summary: The CiscoView/CiscoWorks Windows Upgrade Planner has a new, simplified design for easier use. Popular features such as What's Hot, Documentation, and Compatibility Tables are now accompanied by the Guided Selector Tool for downloading Software Updates. With streamlined access to Cisco's CiscoView/CiscoWorks Windows Upgrade Planner, you can reduce your problem resolution time and increase productivity.


Title: Y-Redundant Universal Frame Relay Modules (UFMs) May Mismatch after 8.2.5 or 8.5 Upgrade to 9.1
Summary: The Universal Frame Relay Module C (UFM-C) and Universal Frame Relay Module U (UFM-U) show mismatched backcards after upgrading from either 8.2.5 or 8.5 to the 9.1 release. The mismatch occurs when the either an UFM-C or an UFM-U with firmware that supports the new Hot Standby 9.1 feature is installed in a node operating with either 8.2.5 or 8.5 switch software.

Title: AS5200 Series Access Server Reload Error when Using Unbundled Modem Firmware with Microcom Modems
Summary: Cisco has determined that an AS5200 running Cisco IOS release 11.3AA or Cisco IOS 12.0 images with a Cisco IOS 11.2(11)P2 boot image may not fully reload the modem DSP firmware when using Microcom modems.

Title: Interoperability Issues With Microcom Modem Code 3.2.10
URL: http://www/warp/customer/770/fn2408_12091998.shtml
Summary: The V.8bis implementation in Microcom portware version 3.2.10 can cause interoperability problems with older/legacy modems.

Title: File Permission and Logging Problems with TrafficDirector 5.3 for Solaris
Summary: This field notice documents two issues with TrafficDirector 5.3 for Solaris: Problem No. 1: When CiscoWorks for Switched Internetworks (CWSI) 2.2 for Solaris is installed, some of the file and directory permissions are incorrectly set for TrafficDirector 5.3. Problem No. 2: Logging is disabled by default in the TrafficDirector 5.3 release. As a result, no data is logged in to the database.

Title: Using Digital Modems with the Cisco 3600 Basic Rate Interface (BRI) Network Module Upgrade
Summary: The ISDN BRI network modules for the Cisco 3600 require a minimum version to be used with some digital modem network modules. If you do not plan to use the ISDN BRI network module with digital modems, this minimum version is not required. If you use an ISDN BRI network module without the minimum required version in a Cisco 3600 system with digital modems, an error message will appear when the router boots.

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