Cisco High-Touch Network Optimization Service Takes Off At Telstra

Cisco High-Touch Operations Management Service leads to improved service and implementation of new projects at Telstra.

Telstra optimizes network operations for major Australian airline using Cisco High-Touch Operations Management Service.

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It helps Telstra deliver maximum network availability and a superbly run network, which means we can provide our customers with an exceptionally high-quality service.
- Clint Brunero, Team Manager, Telstra


A top client needs faultless performance and reliability to help maintain safe operations for a major airline.

  • Demand for reliable network with no downtime and 24 hour support
  • Proactively manage and minimize risk


Comprehensive management of network issues including a dedicated Cisco operations manager to monitor technical support needs, track service requests and resolve issues quickly.


Reduced risks and faster troubleshooting by Cisco's network engineers means improved service and more efficient implementation of new projects.

  • Faster problem resolution
  • Increased staff productivity
  • Reduced risks and improved network stability

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