Video Monitoring System Resource Calculator

Camera model Number of IP cams Video format FPS Res Audio Days Hours Motion

System Requirements
Total Size (GB, gigabytes)
Minimum bandwidth (Mbps, megabits per second)
Minimum CPU requirement for live view
Minimum RAM requirement for live view
  • The minimum hardware required to run Video Monitoring System software depends mainly on the number of cameras and their video settings.
  • The default bitrate for audio is 48 Kbps.
  • Calculated video variable bit rate are set to normal qualities.
  • The maximum bitrate for the system must be limited to 80 Mbps.
  • Video Monitoring System requires a dedicated video graphics card with at least 512MB internal memory.
  • Storing video recording to a separate physical hard drive is recommended.
  • Once Video Monitoring System is installed, do not change the operating system time.
  • Virtual environments are not recommedned due to their impact on performance.
  • Minimum bandwitdh is the least amount of network capacity required for data streaming over LAN or internet. Please reserve 40% or more bandwidth to guarantee stable connection and good remote viewing quality. For instance, 0.8 Mbps (or 800 Kbps) of streaming data works fine with a 2 Mbps upload network connection but not with a 1 Mbps upload network connection.
  • System performance can be optimized by:
    • Weekly reboot the system.
    • Configure virtual memory.
    • Reserve recycle space with 10% headroom.
    • Disable disk defragmentation.
    • Disable Windows automatic update.
    • Set Visual Effect to "Adjust to Best Performance."
    • Turn off system restore on all drives.
    • Disable screen saver.
    • Disable hibernation or system stand by.
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