Enhanced Channel Partner Program

Announcing the Evolution of the Cisco Channel Partner Program

Cisco Channel Partner Program

Enabling Partner Growth, Differentiation and Profitability

The industry is changing, customer's needs are changing, and the way Cisco® and our partners drive growth and differentiate ourselves is changing. Customers are demanding integrated technology skills breadth and depth, and a full lifecycle services approach to their network and business strategy.

To meet customer needs and help you capture this dynamic growth opportunity, the industry-leading Cisco® Channel Partner Program has evolved to help you accelerate growth, differentiate your business, and increase your profitability.

The Cisco Channel Partner Program Evolution

The Cisco Channel Partner Program will continue to offer certifications, specializations, and incentives. You will be able to build on your existing investments while developing key customer-driven capabilities.

Expanding Skill Breadth

Your investment in developing broader, integrated technology skills will enable you to deliver the integrated networking solutions customers are demanding and enable you to broaden your role and open new markets.

Increasing Skill Depth

Your focus on developing deeper technology skills will enable you to further differentiate your business by offering complex advanced technology solutions, vertical solutions, and applications.

Enabling the Cisco Lifecycle Services Approach

Incorporating the Cisco Lifecycle Services approach will help you to define the activities you need to successfully deploy and operate Cisco solutions, to optimize technology performance, and to reduce your deployment risk. As a result, you can strengthen your customer relationships and enhance profitability by implementing or integrating these proven, repeatable processes into your services business.

One thing that hasn't changed is our commitment to reward partners for their loyalty - through enhanced economic incentives.

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What’s New - Enhanced Channel Partner Program

The enhanced program enables you to extend your capabilities to be a provider of broad, integrated networking solutions, highly specialized solutions, or both - and rewards you for doing so. The Cisco Lifecycle Services approach has been integrated to help you successfully deploy, operate, and optimize Cisco solutions to strengthen your customer relationships and enhance profitability.


Three levels of specialization have been established to directly reflect your depth of sales, technical, and services expertise in a particular technology – Express, Advanced, and Master. Each level includes sales, technical, and Cisco Lifecycle Services training and the new Master Specialization offers the greatest differentiation and branding opportunity to partners.

There are six base specializations for you to choose from that will count toward your achievement of certification.

  • Advanced Unified Communications
  • Advanced Routing & Switching
  • Advanced Security
  • Express Foundation
  • Express Unified Communications

Integrated Cisco Lifecycle Services

New integrated Cisco Lifecycle Services training offer’s you an understanding, by technology, of identified repeatable, proven processes for selling, delivering, and supporting Cisco solutions. Applying the Cisco Lifecycle Services approach will help you improve your deployment success, customer satisfaction, and productivity, providing you with more opportunities to strengthen customer relationships and improve profitability. All Cisco Lifecycle Services training for Express and Advanced Specializations, along with Steps to Success tools, are free of charge.


The program continues with Premier, Silver, and Gold Certification levels. Certification level directly reflects your technology skills breadth across key technologies, to ensure your ability to deliver integrated solutions. Certification will no longer be based on a points-based model.


  • What's New – Requirements (pdf of table)
  • Specialization brochure
  • Certification Brochure
  • Program Overview
  • Keith Goodwin Announcement Video


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