Purchase Through an Online Partner

Questions & Answers

Q. When should I consider an online partner to purchase Cisco products?
A. Ordering from a Cisco-authorized online partner provides convenience for those customers that know which products best fit their needs and require immediate delivery. If your needs require onsite network design, installation and ongoing support, a local reseller in your area could provide those value-added services.

Q. What are the different ways to order products and services from Cisco online?
A. There are multiple places to order Cisco products online. Customers with Direct Purchasing agreements can Order Direct from Cisco. There are also numerous channel partners that transact e-commerce on their web site for Cisco products. A full list of global Cisco Partners can be found on Cisco's Partner Locator. Customers at small and medium sized business who want the convenience of online ordering can use Cisco's Online Partners.

Q. I need a reseller that can provide onsite expert or specialized network design, consultation, installation, and support services. Where can I find a local Cisco authorized reseller?
A. Go to Cisco's Partner Locator to find a value added reseller in your area.

Q. Are the products listed as "Online Partner Products" inclusive of all products sold at Cisco's Online Partners?
A. No, we have listed those Cisco products most commonly ordered Cisco online. You can view all Cisco products that they sell by visiting their Cisco Showcase site areas as linked on Order Through an Online Partner. If you are looking for onsite network design, installation and support for Cisco's full product line, please contact a Cisco Partner.

Q. My company does not have a Direct Purchasing Agreement with Cisco and I'm not located in the U.S., U.K., or Canada. What are my options for ordering online?
A. A full list of global Cisco Partners can be found on Cisco's Partner Locator.