Remanufacturing for a greener planet with Cisco Certified Refurbished Equipment

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At Cisco, environmental responsibility is an integral part of the way we do business. Cisco's Product Stewardship program and activities reduce the environmental impacts associated with our networking products throughout their entire life-cycle from product development, manufacturing, use, service, and eventual product end-of-life. Our Product Stewardship activities are incorporated into our business and engineering systems and processes.

Remanufacturing is an example of Cisco's commitment to minimizing its environmental impact through "reduce, reuse and recycle". Units returned to Cisco through the trade-in program (Cisco Technology Migration Program), Return Material Authorizations (RMAs), end-of-lease, and end-of-life customer returns, are remanufactured when possible. In FY07, over 410,000 units were remanufactured in multiple world class facilities worldwide. Since 2001, Cisco Capital Remarketing has been providing customers in over 80 countries with over 2800 different high quality Cisco Certified Refurbished Equipment product technologies.

Cisco employs the industry's most comprehensive and proprietary remanufacturing processes to ensure that its products are returned to a like-new operating condition. The processes include the following steps:

  • Inspection: Each unit is subjected to a thorough physical and visual inspection at each step of the process.
  • Testing: A comprehensive set of diagnostic, functional and network traffic system tests are performed. Burn-in and/or thermal cycling are performed to ensure product integrity. All units must meet Cisco factory specifications.
  • Repair: Units that fail any inspection and testing are repaired with the faulty components and boards replaced with genuine parts from Cisco's Approved Vendors List. All repairs are made in compliance with Cisco specified engineering, quality and environmental standards. The repaired units are then subjected again to functional, network traffic system, burn-in and thermal cycling as applicable.
  • Restore default configuration: The unit is decommissioned with all previous owner and configuration settings removed and the unit returned to default settings. Previous owner information recorded on Cisco databases is also erased.
  • Upgrades: Each unit's serial number is checked against our proprietary product engineering database to determine what firmware/hardware upgrades (Engineering Change Orders) are required. Most units undergo implementation of performance, quality, health and safety Engineering Change Orders during the remanufacturing process.
  • Software: A fully licensed and current shippable release of the software is installed to help ensure maximum performance and network compatibility.
  • Cleaning: Each unit is thoroughly cleaned and detailed. Old labels are removed and new labels applied. New fasteners and new panels are installed as appropriate. Casings are cleaned, touched up or repainted as applicable. The final unit is cosmetically similar to the equivalent new unit.
  • Packaging: Units are carefully wrapped, placed in a new protective shipping box and sealed in preparation for delivery.
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All remanufactured units sold by Cisco and Cisco partners carry the Cisco Certified Refurbished Equipment label. This label assures our customers of the following:

  • All units are remanufactured with ISO 9001 and 14001 certified processes to Cisco specifications in world class remanufacturing facilities using properly trained personnel. Cisco contract remanufacturers adhere to the Cisco Supplier Code of Conduct, including minimizing environmental impact in product content, chemical and hazardous materials, wastewater and solid waste, air emissions, environmental permits and reporting, pollution prevention and resource reduction.
  • Only Cisco approved parts, and as applicable, Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) compliant parts, are used.
  • All units that cannot be remanufactured are recycled and properly disposed of in accordance with environmental regulations. All components that can be recycled are removed.
  • All units are remanufactured to a like-new condition and are backed by the same warranty and SMARTnet support options as equivalent new Cisco products.
  • All shipped remanufactured units comply with local, regional, and international health, safety, environmental and customs regulations.

Working together, our customers, resellers and Cisco can partner to go green today:

  • Develop a technology end-of-life strategy and decommissioning plan in conjunction with your Cisco partner or Cisco Account Manager
  • Utilize the Cisco Technology Migration Program (CTMP) or the trade-in program when upgrading to new Cisco technologies.
  • Utilize the Cisco Take-Back Recycle program to recycle end-of-life and other Cisco products not covered by the CTMP program
  • Utilize Cisco Certified Refurbished Equipment when new Cisco is not an option (immediate delivery, end-of-sale equipment sales and budget/price constrained situations)
  • Utilize Cisco Capital leasing programs, including the technology migration and refresh programs, with the added benefit of outsourcing the end-of-life product lifecycle management tasks to Cisco Capital
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