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Survival in today’s highly competitive retail environment requires more than just low prices and unique products. To stand out from the rest, businesses must focus on the customer's shopping experience.

Discover the surprising secrets to successful retailing from author Pamela Danziger and learn how you can use technology to transform the customer shopping experience from industry leader Brian Kilcourse. This highly informative 30-minute episode will show you:

  • How to tap into customer's emotional needs;
  • The seven critical requirements for creating a successful retail experience;
  • How adding customer value enables you to charge higher prices;
  • How technology can help you increase your differentiation in the market place.

Learn from case studies of Circuit City and JJ Foods Service and discover how other retailers have used technology to provide innovative and superior customer service. Plus, find out about important store design trends from Gensler, an award-winning designer of retail environments.

Pamela is a nationally renowned consumer insights expert and author of Shopping: Why We Love It and How Retailers Can Create the Ultimate Customer Experience.

Brian Kilcourse is the CEO of Retail Systems Alert Group (RSAG) and is recognized as one of the top retail technology executives in the United States.