Cisco Learning Partner Specialized


The Cisco Learning Partner Specialized level, requiring more extensive capabilities, bench strength and investment, is for Learning Partners that align closely with Cisco, enabling Cisco customers and partners to successfully understand, design, implement and support Cisco's high end solutions, technologies and architectures.

A Learning Partner is considered Specialized if they meet requirements for at least one the following Education Architecture Specializations:


In addition to the benefits available for all Learning Partners, subject to meeting specific requirements, Cisco Learning Partner Specialized may also benefit by:

  • The ability to redeem Cisco Learning Credits*
  • Access to Cisco intellectual property** and are especially qualified to create, customize, and deliver market-leading Authorized Training Courses using CCSIs under the Derivative Works Program

* Cisco Learning Credit (CLC) means a credit issued by Cisco in a specific dollar amount that can be applied toward the purchase of Authorized Training Courses. Credits can be used as payment for Authorized Training Courses delivered by Learning Partners and are only redeemable through an authorized Learning Partner. More information can be found on the Cisco Learning Credits Website.

** Intellectual Property means any intangible asset that consists of human knowledge and ideas. Some examples include patents, copyrights, trademarks, books, courseware and software.

30, 60, 90 Program

Learning Product Acceleration

Cisco Confidential - This process will provide you with early information at 90-Day, 60-Day, and 30-Day intervals that correspond with release dates of new learning products to enable you to be ready for delivering the new course when officially launched.

Q2FY15 Cisco Learning Products Releases

Q4FY14 Cisco Learning Products Releases

Product Releases and Notifications


  • Selling Business Outcomes Training Course
    Product Release

  • Q1FY15

  • Cisco Nexus 9000 Switches in ACI Mode (DCAC9K)
    Product Training

  • Cisco UCS Director 5.0 (UCSD) Product Training

  • General Requirements

    Learning Partners must:

    • Meet all program requirements, including staff, metrics and Certified Cisco Systems Instructors (CCSI)
    • Cease all unauthorized Cisco training
    • Follow Cisco's branding guidelines in their web sites, offices and marketing assets
    • Maintain all relevant Learning Partner info with up-to-date on Partner Self Service (PSS) / Learning Partner Management System (LPMS) including company profile, required staff, and CCSI information.


    Frequently Asked Questions / Program Support

    To find answers to frequently asked questions or to create a support case about the program, please visit Customer Service Central.

    General Policies

    Once a member of the Cisco Learning Partner Program, the Learning Partner agrees and commits to follow each of the policies described in this section as well as the specific policies associated with their status.

    Learning Partners must:

    • Remain in compliance with all program requirements throughout the year. Adhere to all program requirements, obligations and restrictions, including staff, metrics and CCSIs
    • Offer only authorized Cisco training, ceasing all unauthorized Cisco content-based course offerings*
    • Teach Cisco-authorized courses using only CCSIs certified to teach the course using only authorized materials
    • Maintain the Partner Self Service (PSS) and Learning Partner Management System (LPMS) tools with company profile, required staff, and CCSI information
    • Accurately report and pay royalties to Cisco on all Derivative Works
    • Only conduct publicly scheduled Cisco courses in the delivery area in which the Learning Partner is authorized
    • Adhere to all Cisco brand and marketing guidelines for Learning Partners
    • Validate contact information and requirement compliance on a yearly basis

    Reviews and onsite audits will validate Learning Partner compliance.

    Cisco will provide to Learning Partners:

    * Offerings are the collective Authorized Training Courses made available for sale by a Learning Partner under the Learning Partner Program


    Thank you for your interest in the Learning Partner Program. To apply for the program you will need to have a valid user ID and to complete the online application.


    If you have trouble logging in, please make sure that you are associated to a Registered Partner.

    Cisco Learning Partner Specialized

    The Cisco Specialized Learning Partner, or simply Specialized, is the highest level that Cisco authorizes to offer Authorized Training Courses (i.e. Cisco Standard Courses or Cisco Derived Courses).