Teachers Without Borders

On the human network, one teacher has the knowledge of millions

Today, there are 59 million teachers around the world -- the largest single group of trained professionals in the world and the key to our children's future. To achieve the goal of the U.N.'s "Education for All" initiative by 2015, we need an estimated 30+ million new teachers

Teachers Without Borders and Cisco have partnered to assemble and empower a global network of teacher leaders with technical resources. Together, they address the pressing need for educational changes worldwide by enabling professional development and community education in parts of the world that would not experience them otherwise.

Teachers Without Borders was founded to gather and disseminate the best collective wisdom from teacher leaders from every culture to make all teachers even more effective in contributing to the creation of a world that works for all. TWB has volunteer members in 119 countries.

To learn more about Teachers Without Borders and how you can become a teacher volunteer, go to www.teacherswithoutborders.org