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As networking capabilities continue to grow and expand, corporations, nonprofits, schools, hospitals, governments, and NGOs around the world are experiencing a shortage of qualified information and communication technology (ICT) specialists to design, install, secure, and manage their networks.

Students who gain ICT knowledge and practical experience through the Networking Academy program can earn Cisco career certifications and help fill an estimated eight million networking jobs around the world.



Student Overview:



Please use the Academy Locator to find contact information for an educational facility that offers Networking Academy courses in your area. You can also interact with current students and instructors through our Facebook fan page.


Courses & Certifications

Networking Academy courses include rich multimedia content, Flash-based interactive activities, videos, games, and quizzes to support a variety of learning styles and help increase knowledge retention. Courses are delivered online in multiple languages to help students succeed on a global scale.


To help students prepare for a growing number of networking positions in a variety of industries, Networking Academy courses emphasize the practical application of knowledge and the development of career skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration.


Curriculum Description Certification

IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software

IT Essentials provides an overview of computer fundamentals and an introduction to advanced concepts.

CompTIA A+

CCNA Discovery

CCNA Discovery provides an overview of general networking theory and opportunities for practical experience, career exploration, and soft-skills development.


CCNA Exploration

CCNA Exploration provides a comprehensive overview of foundational to advanced networking concepts, with an emphasis on theory and practical application.


CCNA Security

CCNA Security introduces the core security concepts and skills needed to install, troubleshoot, and monitor a network to maintain the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of data and devices.

CCNA Security


CCNP teaches the advanced skills needed to install, configure, monitor, and troubleshoot enterprise-sized networks and manage wireless, security, and voice applications.


Career Resources

Networking Academy works with business partners, NGOs, government agencies, and academies to help students and alumni pursue career opportunities in networking and ICT. As a Networking Academy student, you'll gain access to innovative learning tools, a global support community, and resources to help you launch your career.
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Alumni Community

The alumni community extends the learning experience with continued access to the curriculum, helpful career tools and certification resources, and special discounts on Cisco products and services.
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