Cisco Secure Development Lifecycle

SecCon Overview

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Strengthening Security for Next-Generation Technology

The Internet threat landscape is rapidly evolving to include more sophisticated and well-funded attacks.

Targets for those seeking to exploit security vulnerabilities include:

  • Critical infrastructure
  • International commerce
  • All forms of communications

These attacks are extending beyond the network perimeter to the product security itself. This means that what you put in your network environment matters.

Training Developers to Keep Your Network Safe

To help ensure that Cisco developers design products that will resist and thwart today’s attacks, Cisco hosts its annual internal SecCon conference. The event, now in its sixth year, is part of Cisco’s commitment to providing you with trustworthy systems created from an investment in people, processes, and technologies. Together, these factors help ensure the authenticity, product security, and performance you’ve come to expect from Cisco equipment.

SecCon 2013, which takes place December 2-5, has expanded to live events around the globe and online. These events aim to keep our employees trained on the most current attack and response methods that affect the networks of:

  • Service providers
  • Businesses
  • Government

The events include guest speakers from various industries who share their unique perspectives. That way, we can clearly understand and address the specific security needs of different organizations.

SecCon 2013 is just another way Cisco is working to keep your operations up and running in a fast-changing Internet landscape.