Sven Kutzer

Sven is a senior systems engineer at ProComp Professional Computer GmbH in Germany. He specializes in Cisco technology.

Sven Kutzer

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What makes a Cisco Champion? Passion, plus a desire to share their perspectives with the community. There are Cisco Champions all over the world. They represent a variety of segments across the IT industry. And they offer their time to help others learn about Cisco and connect with Cisco in unique ways.

In addition to sharing their insights and expertise, Cisco Champions make a difference by:

  • Supporting their peers in social communities, forums, and networks
  • Sharing their relevant experiences and thoughts on Cisco blogs
  • Providing valuable feedback directly to Cisco
  • And more

Cisco Champions have a unique opportunity to contribute to and enhance the way people use the latest technologies. They also receive:

  • Recognition for their contributions
  • Invitations to exclusive events
  • Opportunities to directly communicate with Cisco employees

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Cisco Champion Group Biography

Aaron Conaway
Senior Network Engineer
Enterprise Networks Aaron is a network engineer whose 15 years of experience includes routers, switches, load balancers, and firewalls.

Aaron Delp
Senior Director of Technical Marketing
Data Center Aaron is the senior director in technical marketing for Citrix Cloud platforms. He also co-hosts the podcast, "The Cloudcast."

Adam Eckerle
Solutions Architect
Data Center Adam is a solutions architect for Network Storage, Inc, an IT solutions and consulting firm. He holds various certifications.

Ahmad Manzoor
Solutions Architect
Enterprise Networks Ahmad has over 10 years of business operations experience in managing entire network and IT services lifecycles. Read full bio.

Ahmed Sultan
Network and Security Engineer
Corporate Ahmed is a network and security engineer who has worked for more than 7 yearsin various technology organizations.

AJ Kuftic
Engineer - Virtualization, Storage, and UCS
Data Center AJ is a virtualization, storage, and Cisco UCS engineer who instructs customers about Cisco data center technologies.

Amy Arnold
Network Engineer
Data Center Amy is a network engineer in the public sector and holds various Cisco certifications. She is active in the networking community.

Andrea Dainese
Data Center Andrea has more than 10 years of experience in complex data centers, working on server, storage, network, and security topics. Read full bio.

Andreas Samiento
Lead Unified Communications Manager
Collaboration Andres is a specialist in unified communications and collaboration with more than 10 years of IT industry experience.

Angelo Luciani
Network Specialist
Corporate Angelo is a virtualization strategist helping enterprises rapidly transform the way they build, deliver and consume IT.

Anthony Mattke
Senior Engineer/Architect
Corporate Anthony has spent the last 15 years working on networks for Internet service providers and data centers. His early interests were around programming.

Antonio Cheltenham
Systems Administrator
Canada Antonio Cheltenham is the systems administrator for Plasco Energy Group, an innovative technology company located in Canada.

Balazs Szabo
Business Development Leader
Internet of Things Balazs is an entrepreneur and the founder of He has a business background with a solid technical understanding.

Benjamin Story
Network and Voice Engineer
Enterprise Networks Ben is an engineer who has worked in industries including education, logistics, and healthcare over his 12-year career. Read full bio.

Bill Carter
Senior Business Communications Analyst
Data Center Bill works for Sentinel Technologies on data center, security, and unified communications solutions for enterprise networks. Read full bio.

Boaz Aviani
Account Executive
Data Center Boaz is an account executive at Azlan, which is part of Tech Data. He currently covers major Cisco partners in Israel.

Brad Haynes
Client Solutions Specialist
Collaboration Brad has over 25 years of IT experience and is now a client solutions specialist for Global Knowledge, a Cisco partner.

Brandon Carroll
President and CEO
Enterprise Networks Brandon is President of Global Config Technology Solutions and was published by Cisco Press in the area of network security.

Brian Carpenter
Senior Systems Engineer
Data Center Brian is a senior systems engineer at EMC2. He is involved in the entire EMC2 portfolio, particularly in core storage products.

Brian Suhr
Senior Solutions Architect
Data Center Brian works at Ahead, specializing in VMware and Cisco UCS. He designs and architects solutions around VMware technologies.

Bryan Baize
Senior Technical Instructor
Enterprise Networks Bryan is a consultant and IT trainer, focuses on Cisco routing and switching certifications, with 23 years of experience.

Carl Niger
Consulting Engineer
Enterprise Networks Carl is a networking consultant who has served companies in many industries for more than 8 years. Read full bio.

Charles D. Galler Jr.
Network and Unified Communications Engineer
Corporate Charles is a network and unified communications engineer who has worked in the industry for 13 years. He currently works for a reseller in healthcare.

Chris Herbert
Chief Executive Officer - Mi6 Agency
Canada Chris Herbert is the founder of Mi6 Agency, which is a business-to-business marketing and business development agency.

Chris Roessler
Network Engineer
Enterprise Networks Chris works on global-scale networks in systems administration, storage area networks, and project management. Read full bio.

Chris Wahl
Technology Blogger
Data Center Chris is an independent blogger. He focuses on creating content on areas such as virtualization and converged infrastructure.

Christoph Blecker
Senior Network Engineer
Canada Christoph Blecker is a senior network engineer, currently specializing in global IP backbones as well as cloud architecture and implementations.

Colby Collier
Network Engineer
Corporate Colby is a Cisco certified engineer and routing/switching/security nerd who dabbles in systems administration and video.

Colin Lynch
Data Center Specialist
Data Center Colin designs and deploys data centers for a Cisco Gold partner. He also blogs on Cisco UCS and other data center topics. Read full bio.

Daniel Dib
Network Consultant
Corporate Daniel Dib is a network consultant with seven years of experience in the industry. He works with network design and implementation. Read full bio.

Dave Henry
Virtualization Practice Lead
Data Center Dave has spent his entire career in IT. He formerly work at EMC and was named a founding member of the EMC Elect program.

David Strebel
Datalink Solutions Architect
Data Center David works in an architecture design capacity for Datalink's engineering team in Minnesota in the enterprise space.

David Varnum
Network Engineer
Corporate David has 10 year's experience managing higher ed., retail, health and government networks and is Network Engineer for a large retailer.

Dax Nair
Director of Marketing
Canada Dax is the director of marketing for value-added services at Allstream, a telecommunications service provider in Canada. Read full bio.

Dean Lewis
Infrastructure Engineer
Enterprise Networks Dean works for an IT solutions provider on the design and implementation of infrastructure upgrades and replacements. Read full bio.

Denise Carol Fishburne
Systems Engineer
Data Center Denise is team leader for Cisco at its Customer Proof of Concept Lab in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.

Ed Weadon
Senior Network Engineer
Enterprise Networks I am a network engineer, a cyclist, foodie, husband, animal lover, music lover, and curious traveler. I always travel with a towel. I have the answer: 42. DON’T PANIC.

Edward Henry
Senior Network Engineer
Corporate Ed Henry is a senior network engineer and has been working in the technology industry for more than eight years within various industries .

Eric Paine
Information Technology Manager
Collaboration Eric is an IT manager for a healthcare system in the midwestern United States. Eric enjoys the opportunity to work on new technologies. Read full bio.

Eric Perkins
Principal Solutions Architect
Enterprise Networks Eric is focused on IT orchestration, elastic utility based service models, and next-generation enterprise architectures. Read full bio.

Erik Bussink
IT Architect
Data Center Erik is an IT architect working in the IT industry for more than 22 years. He has worked with a value-added reseller in Geneva for the last 12 years.

Eric Wright
Systems Architect
Data Center Eric is a systems architect with knowledge in virtualization, business continuity, PowerShell scripting, and systems automation.

Erick Bergquist
Senior Engineer
Collaboration Erick is a senior engineer for Cisco partners and has been working on computer networks professionally for more than 15 years.

Ethan Banks
Packet Pushers Co-Host
Corporate Ethan has managed networks for higher education, government, and high technology for 18 years and co-hosts the Packet Pushers podcast.

Farshad Yousefi
Network Engineer
Enterprise Networks Farshad is a certified network engineer who designs and implements wireless, LAN, WAN, security, and firewall solutions. Read full bio.

Francesco Faenzi
Information Security and IT Governance Expert
Internet of Things Francesco is responsible for all aspects of Lutech's security offering, business development, and delivery.

Fred Renner
Senior Network Engineer
Collaboration Fred is an experienced network engineer who now focuses on collaboration, management tools, firewalls, and Layer 8.

Hans De Leenheer
Technical Marketer
Hans is a technical marketer serving young companies that need extra capacity for big events and new product releases.

Hassan Kassih
Solutions Architect
Data Center Hassan is a solutions architect with more than 16 years of hands-on experience implementing IT projects and technologies.

Havard Staub Nyhu
Datalink Solutions Architect
Data Center Havard is a network consultant working for Pundit Networks. He focuses on data center networking and advanced troubleshooting.

Hector Albizo
Information Technology Academy Coordinator
Networking Academy Hector is a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, and is currently an IT Academy coordinator at a high school in Fremont, California.

Isaac Naor
Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President
Corporate At Ping Mobile Isaac expands the efficiency of mobile marketing platforms and services for diverse clientele.

Ike Ozurumba
IT Network Specialist
Corporate Ike is an IT network specialist student and an active blogger on the subject of IT student life and technology.

Ivan Pepelnjak
Chief Technology Advisor
Data Center Ivan is chief technology advisor at NIL Data Comm. He has designed and implemented service provider and enterprise networks since 1990.

James Bowling
Cloud Architect
Data Center James is a cloud architect for General Datatech and a virtualization enthusiast with more than 13 years of experience.

Jason Alert
Senior Communications Manager
Enterprise Networks Jason has 15 years of IT experience and focuses on LAN/WAN, security, and data center technologies for large enterprises.

Jason Beltrame
Enterprise Engineer
Corporate Jason has been working as a network security professional for 15 years. He is an enterprise engineer for a Fortune 500 company.

Jason Nash
Director, Data Center Practice
Data Center Jason has more than 16 years of industry experience and is currently the data center practice director at Varrow in the southeastern U.S.

Jeff Fry
Senior Network Engineer
Data Center Jeff is a senior network engineer for a large service provider and data center consulting company in the United States. Read full bio.

jeffrey Pazahanick
Senior Solutions Engineer
Corporate Jeff has been designing and implementing large-scale service provider and enterprise networks since 1996.

Jennifer Huber
Wireless Mobility Solutions Expert
Enterprise Networks Jennifer is a technician proficient in indoor and outdoor wireless surveys for data, voice, or location tracking.

Jeremiah Dooley
Technology Expert
Data Center Jeramiah brings more than 17 years of technology and design experience to VCE. He is currently part of the VCE office of the CTO.

Jeremy Waldrop
Data Center Network Practice Lead
Data Center Jeremy is a data center networking practice lead for Varrow. He specializes in data center technologies like Cisco UCS and Nexus switching.

Jody Lemoine
Network Architect
Canada Jody works at a firm that does wholesale provisioning of networking services to IT firms for resale to their clients. Read full bio.

Joe Cozzupoli
Solution Architect
Data Center Joe is a solution architect with 15 years of experience in a range of networks in service provider and enterprise-related industries.

John Spade
Vice President of IT at AOC
Corporate John is lead technologist for arena operations at BB&T and has actively deployed Cisco routers since 1995. Read full bio

John Welsh
Senior Collaboration Consultant
Collaboration John is a technology consultant with 17 years of experience as a user and integrator of Cisco collaboration products.

Jonas Rosland
Technology Expert
Data Center Jonas works at the EMC Office of the CTO. He blogs and podcasts on virtualization, automation, and scale-out architectures. Read full bio.

Jonathan Davis
Senior Network Planning Analyst
Corporate Jonathan Davis is a network engineer, blogger, and student for life, located in Greensboro, North Carolina. He has worked in IT for over 13 years. Read full bio.

Jonathan Wagstaffe
Managing Director of Project Vision
Corporate Jonathan is co-founder and managing director of Project Vision. He has been growing businesses for more than 25 years. Read full bio.

Jordan Martin
Senior Network Engineer
Corporate Jordan has 14 years of experience in industries including finance, education, healthcare, and managed service providers. 

Josh Atwell
Corporate Josh works as a vArchitect for VCE, and he also leads technology-based user groups in the virtualization community. Read full bio.

Josh Kittle
Senior Systems Engineer
Collaboration Josh designs and deploys large-scale collaboration/unified communications solutions for a Cisco Gold partner.

Justin Giardina
Chief Technology Officer of iland Internet Solutions
Corporate Justin Giardina is the CTO of iland Internet Solutions. He has more than 19 years of experience in data center and network operations.

Justin Hart
Technical Team Lead, Virtualization
Corporate Over 15 years experience in Global Infrastructure. Currently technical Team Lead for a global SaaS provider.

Kai Kreuzer
Smart Home Evangelist and Developer
IoT Kai is a developer evangelist at Deutsche Telekom AG, where he is involved in the development of the QIVICON platform.

Karen Woodard
IT Instructor
Networking Academy Karen has taught computer networking tied to Cisco certifications for more than 10 years and also has experience in telecommunications.

Kong Yang
Cloud Practice Leader
Corporate Kong is a cloud practice leader at Gravitant, a start-up that enables the IT-as-a-Cloud-Service-Broker concept. Read full bio.

Kweku Folson
Network Engineer
Corporate Kweku has worked in various networking and consulting roles within the service provider and Ghana Club 100 financial services industries.

Kyle Ruddy
Senior Virtualization Administrator
Corporate Kyle is a Senior Virtualization Administrator with the Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud ad has over 10 years of experience in the IT field.

Lasantha Perera
Network Engineer
Enterprise Networks Lasantha is a wireless and data center specialist who has deployed solutions for mid-to-large companies around the world.

Lauren Malhoit
Systems Implementation Architect
Data Center Lauren is a systems implementation architect in data center technology who has been in IT for more than 10 years. 

Magnus Pahlsson
Solution Architect
Corporate Magnus is a solution architect working for a Cisco Gold partner. He has more than 15 years of experience working with IT solutions.

Maher Abdelshkour
Network Engineer
Enterprise Networks Maher has 15 years of experience in IT with an emphasis on network engineering, administration, and troubleshooting. Read full bio.

Maish Saidel-Keesing
Engineering Architect
Data Center Maish is a virtualization architect for Cisco in Jerusalem, focusing on virtualization for 13 years and Openstack for 8.

Manny Fernandez
Lead Network Architect
Corporate Manny is a lead network architect at a company he previously owned. He has been involved with networking for more than 20 years.

Marco Broeken
Virtualization Expert
Data Center Marco is the author of, which was voted among the 40 best virtualization blogs in the industry in 2013.

Maria Coffey
Networking Student
Networking Academy Maria is a Networking Academy student. She attends SUNY Adirondack full-time for IT and computer networking and works part-time.

Mario Seguin
Unified Communications and TelePresence Specialist
Canada Mario is the founder of Medwave Optique consulting in unified communications and telepresence for small to medium-sized businesses. Read full bio.

Matt Davis
Systems Architect
Corporate Matt works at a financial services organization and is responsible for the end-to-end infrastructure for critical systems.

Matt Oswalt
Data Center Network Engineer
Data Center Matt is a data center network engineer, blogger, and podcast host based out of Ohio. He has worked in IT for five years.

Michael Patterson
Founder and CEO
Enterprise Networks Michael is the founder and CEO of Plixer International, which he has helped grow into a multimillion-dollar company. Read full bio.

Michael Stump
Cloud Architect
Data Center Michael is a virtualization engineer turned cloud architect who presently builds large federal clouds.

Mike Munoz
Managing Consutant
Data Center Mike manages a team of consultants specializing in data center, core infrastructure, wireless, and security technologies.

Mike Whaley
Networking Engineering Specialist
Collaboration Michael is a network engineer. He has spent the last 12 years supporting the network infrastructure for an investment firm.

Mohan Rao
Chief Executive Officer - Storytruck
Corporate Mohan is an entrepreneur and founder of StoryTruck. He has a strong technical background and product management experience.

Nathan Goh
Technical Lead
Data Center Nathan is the technical lead for VMware's Strategic OEM Partners (APJ). He has more than 12 years' experience in the IT industry.

Nicholas Marcus
Collaboration Team Lead
Collaboration Nicholas runs a team of collaboration engineers providing deployment and consulting services in Cisco Unified Communications.

Nick Anderson
Data Center Nick is a consultant specializing in EUC, virtualization, and data center compute and storage technologies in Missouri.

Nihal Kashinath
Internet of Things Nihal is the founder of IoT Bangalore (IoTBLR), India's first open community focused on the Internet of Things.

Olivier Arrighi
Network Architect
Enterprise Networks Olivier has worked in telecommunications for more than 15 years, with a strong focus on ISP/telco transit providers. Read full bio.

Oscar Castillo
Network Engineer
Corporate Oscar has worked in network support for a leading financial company. He has over nine years of experience in technology and networking.

Patrick Gargano
Professor and Cisco Instructor
Networking Academy Patrick currently teaches CCNA and CCNP courses at La Cité collégiale in Ottawa, Canada. He has been teaching networking since 2000.

Peter J. Welcher
Networking Consultant
Data Center Pete works for and is part-owner of Cisco Gold Partner Chesapeake NetCraftsmen. He has been in networking since 1993. Read full bio.

Peter Revill
Networking Engineer
Data Center Peter has 12 years of networking experience and a passion for technology, especially data center technology and IP telephony.

Phillip Jones
Senior Enterprise Engineer
Data Center Phillip is Senior Enterprise Engineer at Varrow, a leader in virtualization, storage, and Disaster Recovery doing business in North/South Carolina and Southern VA

Prakash Pranay
Vice President of Product Marketing
Internet of Things Prakash is a vice president of product marketing at Tridium, part of Honeywell, responsible for machine-to-machine and Internet of Things products.

Rakesh Bharania
Network Consulting Engineer
Data Center Rakesh is a network engineer with Cisco Tactical Operations, supporting the Cisco Network Emergency Response Vehicle.

Rene Van Den Bedem
CIO Advisor
Corporate Rene is an enterprise IT rchitect and advisor with 20 years of experience in the telecommunications and IT industries.

Renny Leal
Network Engineer
Networking Academy Renny is a network engineer who started in IT and networking in the 1980s and is now a freelancer and entrepreneur.

Rich Vanover
Product Strategy Specialist
Data Center Rick Vanover (vExpert, MCITP, VCP) is a product strategy specialist for Veeam Software, based in Columbus, Ohio.

Richard Grotegut
IT Instructor
Networking Academy Richard has taught in the computers, networks, and emerging technologies department at Ohlone College for 20 years.

Rob Coote
System Analyst
Corporate Rob is a systems analyst for a school district in Canada and an IT generalist with a strong focus on networking and virtualization. Read full bio.

Rob Rademakers
Network Infrastructure Consultant
Data Center Rob has been a Cisco certified network infrastructure consultant for Open Line Consultancy in the Netherlands since 2007. Read full bio.

Rob Steele
Senior Solutions Architect
Corporate Rob is a senior solutions architect with Roundtower Technologies, specializing in enterprise data center architecture. Read full bio.

Robert Novak
Technologist and Consulting Systems Engineer
Corporate Robert is a consulting systems engineer at Cisco focusing on Big Data for the Americas Partner Organization.

Ron Fuller
Technical Marketing Engineer
Data Center Ron is part of the Cisco Nexus 7000 team. He also contributes to Cisco Press titles and Cisco Live events.

Rowell Dionicio
IT Manager
Corporate Rowell is an IT manager for a California technology services firm in the small- and medium-sized business (SMB) space.Read full bio.

Ryan Adzima
Wireless Network Engineer
Data Center Ryan is an enterprise technology generalist who now writes the occasional blog or records a video focusing on mobility.

Sam Clements
Mobility Practice Manager
Enterprise Networks Samuel works in the wireless industry doing design, implementation, and troubleshooting enterprise wireless LANs. Read full bio.

Sam O'Daniel
IT Manager
Corporate Sam is an IT manager at SendGrid where his primary focus is simplification of processes, systems, and infrastructure. Read full bio.

Sam Womack
Senior Collaboration Engineer
Collaboration Sam develops middleware between business continuity data and voice service applications for enterprises and SMBs.

Scott Empson
IT and Engineering Instructor
Networking Academy Scott teaches Cisco routing, switching, network design, and leadership courses at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.

Scott Hanson
SLED DC Consulting Systems Engineer
Data Center Scott is a systems engineer covering south and central Texas on Cisco’s State & Local Government and Education (SLED) team.

Scott MacDonald
Co-Founder and Managing Partner
Internet of Things Scott is a co-founder of McRock Capital, a venture capital firm focused exclusively on the industrial Internet.

Scott McDermott
Network Engineer
Corporate Scott is a network engineer with more than 20 years of experience in IT including Windows andUNIX system administration.

Scott Meyer
Solutions Architect
Collaboration Over 15 years experience in Global Infrastructure. Currently technical Team Lead for a global SaaS provider.

Shane Williford
Senior Systems Engineer
Corporate Shane gives presentations in the technology community and provides study guides for technology certifications.

Shaun Guthrie
Director, Information Technology
Data Center Shaun is the director of information technology at Focus Corporation. He is responsible for the enterprises's IT strategy.Read full bio.

Shiv Kumar
Network Engineer
Data Center Shiv has 3.5 years of experience in data center network technologies. He currently works at TCS as a network engineer.

Sian Liu
Technology Expert
Data Center Sian has always loved technology. He became a Cisco Channel Partner in 2006 and is obsessed with Cisco technologies now.

Srini Kilambi
Unified Communications Solution Architect
Collaboration Srini is a unified communications solution architect team lead with more than 10 years of implementation, consulting, and pre-sales experience.

Steffen Thorvaldsen
Network Consultant
Enterprise Networks Steffen is at Datametrix AS in Norway, focusing on enterprise networks and network security, and is passionate about IPv6.

Stephen Occhiogrosso
Senior Network Engineer
Enterprise Networks Steve has been working with Cisco technologies for more than 7 years and is a holder of various Cisco certifications.

Stephen Rodriguez
Senior Solutions Engineer
Corporate Steve has more than 15 years of telecommunications and data communications experience. He spent five years in the Cisco TAC; three of them as a lead for the wireless team.

Steve Halliday
Data Center Steve is the president of High Tech Aid, providing consulting services about automatic identification and data capture technologies. Read full bio.

Steve Robinson
Senior Network Engineer
Corporate Steven is an experienced network architect designing data center and backbone networks for a managed service provider.

Stewart Goumans
Mobility Consultant
Canada Stewart has provided design, assembly, and implementation services to a wide range of clients for more than 10 years.

Sven Kutzer
Senior Systems Engineer
Corporate Sven is a senior systems engineer at ProComp Professional Computer GmbH in Germany. He specializes in Cisco technology. Read full bio.

Teren Bryson
Director of IT
Corporate Teren has been working in computer networks for over 20 years and is currently pursuing his CCIE in Route-Switch. Read full bio.

Thomas Maurer
Cloud Architect
Corporate Thomas works as a cloud architect at itnetx gmbh, a consulting and engineering company in Bern, Switzerland.

Tim Jabaut
Senior Virtualization Engineer
Corporate Tim is an enterprise virtualization engineer at a large bank, a specialist in delivering solutions around UCS and Vmware.

Tom Hollingsworth
Enterprise Networks Tom is an analyst at Gestalt IT; he also helps promote the Tech Field Day event series as well as other industry events. Read full bio.

Tommy Trogden
Specialist SE Manager
Data Center Tommy is a specialist systems engineering manager at EMC. He is primarily focused on applications and virtualization solutions.

Travis Newshott
Security Architect
Enterprise Networks Travis works on retooling engagement processes, creating delivery methodologies, and resolving operational challenges. Read full bio.

Trevor Roberts
Technical Leader
Data Center Trevor is a senior corporate architect for VCE who helps customers succeed with virtualization and cloud solutions.

Vipin V.K
Storage Administrator
Corporate Vipin works with EMC storage products and Cisco fabric switches and has been in the IT industry since 2009.

Wendell Odom
Corporate Wendell founded He blogs on and has written books on introductory networking and Cisco certifications.

William D. Burnam (Bill Burnam)
Systems Engineer
Corporate Bill is a systems engineer who has more than 15 years experience with a focus on R&S, wireless, VoIP, and collaboration. Read full bio.

William J Caban-Babilonia
Senior Cloud Architect
Data Center William is a technology expert who trains Cisco and non-Cisco partners as well as healthcare and finance institutions. Read full bio.

William Maguire
Senior Network Engineer
Corporate Bill is a Senior Network Engineer who loves working with Cisco products and solutions and has a passion for wireless networking. Read full bio.

Yessica Cartajena
Electronics Engineer
Internet of Things Yessica is an electronics engineer who has been working in the technology industry for more than 12 years in different positions. Read full bio.

What is the Cisco Champions Program?

The purpose of the Cisco Champions Program is to create and nurture a network of people who are passionate about Cisco and enjoy sharing their knowledge, expertise, and thoughts across the social web and with Cisco.

The Cisco Champions program encompasses different areas of interest and geographical areas within the company, providing a variety of opportunities for Champions to participate in the program.

Who is eligible to be a Cisco Champion?

This program is open to individual Cisco enthusiasts who are 18 years of age or older. An ideal Cisco Champion:

  • Is active on social media
  • Expresses positive sentiment about Cisco
  • Has expertise in the IT industry
  • Chooses to actively participate in conversations relevant to Cisco and the IT industry

Cisco reserves the final right to select Cisco Champion status for an individual.

How are Cisco Champion members selected?

Members can be selected in two ways:

  • Cisco identifies potential candidates that meet the criteria outlined above
  • Candidates can nominate themselves or their peers for consideration in the program

What are the benefits of being a Cisco Champion?

Benefits of the Cisco Champions program include, but are not limited to:

  • Exclusive meeting and event opportunities
  • Special access to certain technology groups and executives
  • Invitations to provide feedback to Cisco on various topics
  • Access to a private online community initiated by and for Cisco Champions
  • Sneak peeks
  • A digital Cisco Champion badge that can be used in email signatures, websites, and social networks during the membership years. See guidelines here.

How do Cisco Champions share their membership status?

Cisco Champions are welcome to share their membership status in the following ways:

  • Feature their electronic Cisco Champion badges in any email signature, personal website, and social website profile
  • Include the hashtag #CiscoChampion in any tweet
  • Talk about Cisco Champions and their membership in the program offline
  • Wear and use official Cisco Champion logo wear and accessories if and when they become available

What are the requirements for maintaining Cisco Champions membership?

Cisco Champion members are encouraged to stay engaged in the program through activities such as, but not limited to:

  • Interacting with and supporting fellow Cisco users in their own social networks and on Cisco social networks
  • Contributing Cisco or industry expertise through blog posts, tweets, Facebook posts, or other online social channels
  • Engaging and attending exclusive Cisco Champion events, calls, sessions, and more
  • As the program evolves, engagement opportunities will evolve as well

Cisco reserves the right to remove Cisco Champion status for an individual. Reasons may be but are not limited to:

  • Not staying active in the program
  • Identifying oneself a Cisco representative
  • Attacking or negatively inflaming online conversations or otherwise making disparaging comments
  • Accepting a job with a Cisco competitor
  • Any other reason in Cisco's sole discretion

What interest areas and geographical locations does the Cisco Champions Program cover?

The Cisco Champions Program encompasses many interests and locations. This is our current list. More interest areas will be posted soon.

If you are interested in being a Cisco Champion contact the Cisco Champion in your region or interest area.

Questions? Contact us.