Employees in shipping and receiving experience great flexibility with wireless IP phones.

Article Summary:

The Shipping and Receiving department at Ciscoís Research Triangle Park office needed a cost-effective way for mail delivery personnel to stay in constant touch with the main shipping office from any location on campus. Wireless phones that take advantage of the embedded IP telephony infrastructure were a technically superior and cost-effective option.

This wireless voice over IP (voIP) case study describes the shipping departmentís business needs for communications and the various options that were considered. Benefits of using wireless IP phones in an IP telephony environment include:

  • Cost-effective wireless IP telephony solution eliminates the need to equip delivery personnel with additional cell phones or two-way radios
  • Drivers on the move are easier to reach because they carry wireless IP phones that are configured with the same extension as their office phones
  • Drivers save time and are more productive because they can be notified by phone about last-minute pickups before they leave a building
  • Customers are more satisfied because drivers use wireless IP phones to communicate directly with customers and shipping office without delays.

Wireless IP Phone (7920) Case Study - Executive Summary PDF (PDF - 119 KB)

Wireless IP Phone (7920) Case Study PDF (PDF - 274 KB)

Wireless IP Phone (7920) Case Study - Presentation PDF (PDF - 808 KB)

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