Cisco IT Builds Small Mobile Office to Reduce Costs and Achieve Effective and Rapid Deployment.
Article Summary:

Saving cabling and engineering costs in turning up new offices is always important to Cisco IT, especially when agility and flexibility are priorities. Cisco IT developed an “IT office system in a box” which could be flexibly located, easily shipped, and quickly turned up. This 7-page PDF describes and shows how Cisco IT built this small mobile office and achieved:

  • Faster field office deployments
  • Reduced cabling and real estate costs
  • Highly reliable network connectivity

To read more about the challenge, results, lessons learned and the next steps, please choose the link below to download the complete Case Study in PDF format, or in PPT format for presentations to others.

Cisco Small Office Case Study | | (PDF - 181 KB)

Cisco Small Mobile Office Case Study| | (PPT - 874 KB)
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