OC-192 on Cisco ONS 15454 increases network speed, saves money, and improves manageability.

Article Summary:

Until 2003 Cisco connected its 40-plus building headquarters campus to outside telecom services using separate OC-48 SONET rings connecting a few central buildings. Over time it became more difficult to add new buildings, which required greater bandwidth, to this SONET fiber. So Cisco IT transitioned from individual OC-48 SONET rings for time-division multiplexing (TDM) local access to a campus-wide OC-192 infrastructure powered by the Cisco ONS 15454 system.

This optical networking case study explains the advantages of customer-provided and LEC-provided local access, why and how Cisco IT made the transition to the Cisco ONS 15454 infrastructure, and business benefits such as:

  • Easier expansion to new buildings
  • Greater control over capacity planning
  • Lower monthly telecom access costs
  • Reduced access equipment footprint (and lower real estate costs)

To read more about the challenge, results, lessons learned and the next steps, please choose the link below to download the complete Case Study in PDF format.

ONS 15454 LAN Case Study - Executive Summary PDF (PDF - 119 KB)

ONS 15454 LAN Case Study PDF (PDF - 326 KB)

ONS 15454 LAN Case Study - Presentation PDF (PDF - 537 KB)

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