Network management solution increases network security and simplifies network capacity planning.

Article Summary:

Cisco IT uses IOS NetFlow to understand the impact key IP applications have on network traffic flow. This network management case study provides examples of how Cisco IT uses NetFlow data for a variety of applications such as analyzing VPN traffic and teleworker behavior, validating quality of service (QoS) parameters, planning capacity.

The case study also describes:

  • The type of information that is available from NetFlow
  • Tools selected by Cisco IT to make use of NetFlow data

To learn more about the challenge, results, lessons learned and the next steps, please choose the link below to download the PDF of the case study executive summary, the complete case study, or the powerpoint presentation; or download the video.


NetFlow Case Study - Executive Summary Video (Video - 00:04:32 Minutes)

NetFlow Case Study - Video (Video - 00:16:20 Minutes)

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