Cisco Unified Contact Center solution receives and routes 40,000 calls per day while providing greater flexibility and availability.

Article Summary:

The Linksys division of Cisco, which manufactures home and small office networking products, sends an average of 20,000 sales and support calls per day to outsourced contact centers in many different countries.

This case study describes how linking Cisco Unified Intelligent Contact Management systems for prerouting of these calls by the carrier has resulted in several benefits, including:

  • Annual savings of US$1.1 million
  • Increased efficiency in call handling
  • Ability to improve caller service
  • Reduced need for IT management and support
  • A potential new service offering for the carrier

To read more about the challenge, results, lessons learned and the next steps, please choose the link below to download the complete Case Study in PDF format.

IPCC Acquisition Case Study - Executive Summary PDF (PDF - 53 KB)

IPCC Acquisition Case Study PDF (PDF - 232 KB)

IPCC Acquisition Case Study - Presentation PDF (PDF - 191 KB)

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