Traditional boundaries between data and voice teams are dissolved for greater efficiency.

Article Summary:

As Cisco migrated to IP communications beginning in the late 1990s, The Cisco IT group reorganized to remove the traditional boundaries between voice and networking. The previous technology-based organizational model evolved to a process-oriented organizational model, in which each IT group included members with voice and networking specialties. To make the transition, Cisco overcame challenges relating to issues such as equipment ownership, responsibility for change management, and job security concerns.

This case study describes how Cisco IT reorganized and helped IT networking and voice engineers adjust to the transition. Benefits of the reorganization included:

  • Dissolved organizational barriers between data networking and voice teams to foster collaboration and provide new growth opportunities for growth for voice and data IT engineers
  • Transformed to a more process-oriented IT organization
  • Easier adoption of new IP applications
  • Simpler service troubleshooting

To read more about the challenge, results, lessons learned and the next steps, please choose the link below to download the complete Case Study in PDF format for presentations to others.