Supply Chain Operations

Career Opportunities

The Cisco Supply Chain Operations vision continues to emphasize the importance of providing an exceptional customer experience through high quality and delivery excellence. This vision also contains a renewed focus on excelling at the fundamentals of the supply chain.

Supply Chain Operations is simplifying processes in the most customer-effective way by applying “lean” principles to:

  • Identify essential processes
  • Retire obsolete processes
  • Eliminate waste

As a critical factor of gross margin, Supply Chain Operations works closely with its partners to improve:

  • Cost reduction
  • Value engineering
  • Nonmaterial spending

Supply Chain Operations is also making a substantial foundational investment to support the group’s simplification efforts and to transform its core business processes and underlying systems.

This dynamic organization helps employees use their expertise to take good business risks to fully use the Cisco competitive spirit and accelerate time to market. As Cisco expands into new technologies and geographies, it is an exciting time to be part of the Supply Chain Operations team.

Supply Chain Operations University Select Program

The Supply Chain Operations University Select Program is unique in that it provides a structured one-year program that positions you for success. This program focuses on offering you:

  • Extensive exposure to leadership and thought leaders
  • Opportunities to own and promote high-visibility projects
  • Guidance to help grow your career at Cisco

The Supply Chain Operations organization has many positions available for recent college and MBA graduates.