Solution Overview

The AeroScout Visibility System accurately locates and tracks valuable assets such as equipment or people. By operating over Cisco Unified Wireless networks, AeroScout solutions minimize the incremental cost for the communications network and enable greatly enhanced visibility throughout the enterprise. The solution can scale to include tens of thousands of tags, without impacting other traffic on the network.

The AeroScout Visiblity System allows companies to manage everyday tasks more effectively and therefore save time and costs, improve productivity, minimize mistakes, and simplify operations. The joint AeroScout-Cisco solution specifically improves inventory tracking by quickly locating finished goods and other valuable assets. Alerts can be generated based on triggered events such as movement, proximity, or time stamps, or other factors. By improving enterprise-level visibility of assets, manufacturers gain reductions in cycle time and improved overall efficiency.

Associated Cisco Solution

  • Unified Communications: Unified Wireless
  • Wi-Fi Asset Tracking solution

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