Cisco Brings in Next-Generation Virtual Meeting Technology to Thailand

Cisco TelePresence suitable for MNCs, conglomerates and service providers to help reduce travel costs

Bangkok - February 11, 2008 - Cisco today launched first Cisco TelePresenceTM suite in Thailand. A breakthrough collaborative technology, Cisco TelePresence is a next-generation virtual meeting solution that meets the need of the present economic environment.

Cisco has over 300 TelePresence facilities in 131 major cities in 40 countries and has helped the company to reduce not just its travel costs but also its carbon emissions. Combined with other collaboration technologies such as Cisco Unified Communications and Cisco WebExTM, TelePresence has enabled Cisco to save over USD$236 million from travel avoidance.

However, of even more importance is how the technology enables Cisco to achieve collaboration across the company, magnifying the efficiency of its employees around the world.

Dr. Tatchapol Poshyanonoda, Managing Director, Cisco Thailand, said: "TelePresence not just helps Cisco to reduce travel costs but also allows us to build relationships globally, which accelerates productivity through innovation and a broader access to talent. This creates a competitive advantage that is even more enduring than the dramatic reduction in travel cost. The system enables our employees, channel partners and customers here to tap on our global network of experts."

"TelePresence also provides educational opportunities such as distance learning. TelePresence is not videoconferencing, it brings a whole new dimension to remote video-based communications, creating an immersive and in-person experience that it is simple to use," he added.

The solution also enables intercompany, service provider and multipoint communications allowing companies to scale virtual meetings across other organizations, other video conferencing systems as well as to public TelePresence suites,greatly extending their reach.

To help drive awareness in Thailand, Cisco is starting a "Meeting on Me" program where 12 top CEOs from leading organizations in the country will be invited to use the TelePresence suite in Cisco’s office to meet with their colleagues or customers anywhere in the world. This program will last for a month and a half.

"Cisco TelePresence is opening a new collaboration chapter as it encourages human touch, real life experiences, breaks down barriers, save costs and reduces time to market. We believe that TelePresence will help perpetuate the human network effect," said Dr. Tatchapol.

Mr.Mongkol Asawakowitkorn, Director Business Development Advanced Technology, Cisco Thailand, said that Cisco TelePresence integrates advanced audio, high-definition video and interactive elements with the power of the underlying network to deliver an immersive meeting experience.

"Cisco has a wide range of TelePresence solutions ranging from the Cisco TelePresence System 500 system for use in individual offices to the Cisco TelePresence System 3200, ideal for group training and cross-functional team meetings. The unit in Cisco’s Thailand office is the Cisco TelePresence System 3000, which sits 6 people in the room. In addition, Cisco TelePresence technology can combine with other collaboration technologies such as Cisco Unified Communications and Cisco WebExTM and other VDO conference which built in open standard," he said.