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Cisco TelePresence Fact Sheet (97KB)

Below is a list of public customer deployments, the latest Cisco on Cisco usage stats and key talking points that can be communicated externally to media, analysts, investors, partners and customers. This document will be updated quarterly as new figures become available.

Cisco on Cisco: (figures as of 9 May 08)

  • 214 Cisco TelePresence units in 87 cities globally
  • Overall average utilization is 45% (compare <1% standard video conferencing)
  • TelePresence units by theatre:
    • US / Canada: 86 CTS 3000, 50 CTS 1000
    • APAC / Japan: 20 CTS 3000, 7 CTS 1000
    • Europe: 24 CTS 3000, 13 CTS 1000
    • Emerging: 6 CTS 3000
  • 97,615 TelePresence meetings scheduled to date, total of 124,155 hours (average 75 minutes per meeting, 2,443 meetings a week in past 30 days)
  • 11,975 meetings with customer to discuss Cisco Technology over TelePresence
  • 15,913 meetings avoided travel, saving Cisco ~$141 M to date

Customer Deployments:

  • Cisco is seeing tremendous momentum in new customer deployments, specifically in the financial services and service provider sectors.
  • In December 2007, Cisco announced the milestone of 100 customers deploying units in over 40 countries.
  • Public TelePresence customers:
    • Service Provider: BT, Rogers Communication, Sprint, Verizon, Telstra, NTT, TeliaSonera
    • Enterprise: Procter & Gamble, SAP, McKesson, Regus
    • Financial Services: Wachovia, ANZ Bank, Danske Bank
    • Retail: Media Saturn
    • Education: National Lambda Rail
    • Public Sector: Xiamen Municipal Government

Key Benefits:

  • Cross-cultural continuity – with rapid globalization; language and cultural boundaries can become problematic. Seeing who you’re speaking with can reduce confusion and speed decision making.
  • Optimizing scarce resources – Some organizations are experimenting with the remote expert idea, especially in industries such as healthcare and financial services.
  • Green – Great exposure around reducing carbon footprint, particularly in Europe.
  • Mergers/Global Sourcing – Employee loyalty, shared corporate culture/goals and “speed to same page-ism.” This has huge productivity and top line revenue impact – everyone recognizes the potential human cost of mergers (cost of retaining and training new workers).

TelePresence Customer & Cisco Stories Supporting Business Transformation Themes

  • Accelerated Decision Making:
    • Wim Elfrink is now able to participate in meetings in San Jose from India. This means the executive committee can meet “in person” and make faster decisions.
    • Many Cisco/ETG employees have now been interviewed and hired over Telepresence. We can vet more candidates and get them through the process faster.
    • Wachovia is using TelePresence to connect its Richmond VA office to the Charlotte HQ. Video quality and ease of use were key to the decision. In addition to saving on travel, they quickly realized the improved collaboration and productivity benefits.
    • Media Saturn chose Cisco TelePresence because of the ability to scale like UC, roll out new units quickly and conduct multipoint meetings. MS is quickly expanding and will leverage Telepresence to give them an edge in construction negotiation.
  • Improved cross-cultural productivity:
    • SAP is rolling out TelePresence in three locations worldwide. With offices that speak different languages and have different cultures, in person communications becomes vital. Additionally, TelePresence is enabling SAP to speed time to deliver products. This has a dramatic impact on revenue.
  • Business continuity:
    • Chuck Stucki, TSBU VP GM, works in Irvine and had been relying on travel or phone to stay in touch with employees, customers, and partners. He now uses his CTS 1000 in Irvine to participate in ‘in-person’ meetings. Without a good user environment and excellent ergonomics, this would not be possible.
    • Rogers Communications is using Cisco TelePresence across four main offices for business continuity, to communicate quickly and make faster decisions while reducing expenses and reaping higher employee productivity.
  • Improved customer intimacy:
    • Rob Lloyd spends 4 hours each morning talking to four separate customers. This means customers can have greater “face time” with Cisco. This means potential competitive advantage for those customers who can move faster.
  • Accelerated growth/speed to market:
    • Cisco product development teams are moving faster due to better interaction. Linksys has been using TP between San Jose and Irvine since September 2006.
    • Cisco and Regus met, negotiated and signed the agreement to provide Telepresence as a public service in less than 2 weeks using TelePresence. The deal became the world’s first contract signing over TelePresence.
  • Supply chain collaboration:
    • Cisco Asset Management team is now using Telepresence to reach deeper into the fund/investment companies we work with. Typically the team has only been able to get quarterly visits from the firm’s biz dev/sales teams, but this is an area where eyeball-to-eyeball really matters.

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