Access to education for all is perhaps the biggest challenge and the highest goal that governments have set for themselves. When UK Prime Minister Tony Blair was elected, he was asked what his three top priorities were for his government. "Education, education, education", he replied.

Already, many governments in the EU have committed to making sure that all educational institutions, at all levels, have Internet access in one form or another - and many have already had some success in achieving this goal. But this is only the start. The introduction of high speed and wireless networks will see the benefits of e-Learning rapidly accelerate.

In many universities in the US, for example, wireless networks operate across the campus providing students, teachers and administrators with fast access to the information that they need, when they need it.

The Internet in education is not just about e-Learning content - the same gains in efficiency and productivity that businesses have achieved from their use of network technology are also available to teachers and administrators.

Below are the issues we understand to be important in the Education sector and the ways in which technology can address these challenges.