Cisco WebEx Meetings for Android on Toshiba
REGZA Tablet AT700

Realize Smart Work by effectively utilizing Toshiba Tablet

Just clicking the icon of WebEx on REGZA tablet, users can easily download WebEx application. Tablet users can not only participate in the meeting at real time through internet, but also read the presentation materials.

In general, the meeting with internal / external stakeholders used to depends on time and place. Now, by utilizing web meetings with light weight and user friendly tablet, tablet users can attend the necessary meetings even if such users cannot visit the meeting rooms because of business trip, customer visit, and so on. By using web meetings, workers can change the traditional work style which mainly depends on time and place, to new work style which will accelerate productivity improvement.

Toshiba Cisco Initiatives for Smart Work

On December 10, 2011 in Japan, Toshiba Corporation releases REGZA Tablet AT700, the thinnest and lightest tablet in the world (as of Dec. 2011 by Toshiba research), which preloads WebEx. Tablet users easily start WebEx meetings.

Toshiba Corporation and Cisco IBSG (Internet Business Solutions Group) & VSA (Vertical Solution Architect) have been working to build business model by utilizing both companies’ strength, and realized Toshiba Cisco initiatives for smart work. Both companies seek for the realization of users’ productivity improvement from end users’ point of view, and as the first step of the initiatives, Toshiba and Cisco have decided to provide WebEx on Toshiba REGZA Tablet AT700 to customers.