Case Studies

Miten Ciscon IT -yksikkö on auttanut yritystämme ratkaisemaan operatiivisia liiketoimintahaasteita?

IT:lla on keskeinen rooli yrityksen liiketoimintastrategian toteutuksessa. Sen vuoksi Cisco jakaa aktiivisesti kokemuksia ja oppeja, joita se on kerännyt hyödyntäessään omia teknologioitaan uusissa innovatiivissa liiketoimintaratkaisuissa. Klikkaa alla olevia linkkejä ja lue lisää Ciscon ratkaisutoteutuksista.

Business Applications

New! Premium Content: Cisco Quickly Achieves ROI by Migrating Multiple Directories to Microsoft Active Directory
New! Premium Content: Cisco Improves Sales Productivity and Forecast Accuracy

Business Management

New! Premium Content: Change Management Process: Balancing Innovation and Risk with Application Change Management
Cisco Vendor Management Office Generates Competitive Advantages for both Cisco and its Strategic Vendors
Network-Based Tools and Process Streamline Service Orders, Provisioning, and Asset Tracking
New Invoice Reconciliation and Reporting Solution Trims Millions From Annual Telecom Expenses
Cisco Applies Its Own Solutions to Assure Business Resilience
Centralized Network-Based PC Asset Management Solution Drives Down Company-Wide PC Costs

Content Networking

ACNS Executive Messaging in EMEA
Application and Content Networking System Software

IP Communications

New! Premium Content: IPCC and Business Acquisitions: Migrating Acquisitions into Cisco's Call Center
New! Premium Content: IP Telephony - India Regulations: Building a Single IP Telephony Platform in India
Cisco Manages the AVVID Environment for High Quality, High Availability, and Cost Savings (Now available in English and Chinese.)
Cisco IP Communications - Centralized Call Processing and Survivable Remote Site Telephony
Cisco Undertakes the Largest IP Telephony Deployment in Industry History
Survivable Remote Site Telephony for IT Operations Command Center
Showcase Sites Bring Cisco Services to Life
Cisco TAC: Boosting Customer Satisfaction with Cisco Intelligent Contact Management and Cisco Web Collaboration Option
Reorganizing Cisco IT To Meet The Requirements of IP Telephony

IP Messaging

Cisco saves money and management effort by migrating to Unity VoiceMail (Now available in English and Chinese.)
Training and preparing users is an integral part of a global migration strategy
Careful communications improves user enrollment, acceptance and use of a new service
Unity migration brings cost savings and reduces management burden

Network Management

The Network Analysis Module: A New Set of Eyes for Network Analysis (Now available in English and Chinese.)
Cisco IT QoS is Critical for Special Applications Support on LAN and WAN
NetFlow Provides a Detailed View of Network Utilization for Network Engineers, Capacity Planners, and Security Teams (Now available in English and Chinese.)


Cisco uses dark fiber and CWDM technology for lower cost and increased network availability (Now available in English and Chinese.)

Real Estate

Cisco Systems Real Estate Delivery in EMEA
Cisco São Paulo Office Saves One Million Dollars in Corporate Real Estate Costs Over Three Years (Now available in English and Chinese.)
Cisco Connected Workplace Enhances Work Experience and Cuts Costs
Cisco Osaka Office Redesign Reduces Costs and Improves Satisfaction and Productivity

Routing & Switching

New! Premium Content: ONS-15454: Breaking the LAN Speed Record in the Cisco Access LAN
IP Multicast: A Scalable Transport for Network-Based Broadcast
Migrating the Cisco WAN to the Cisco 7600 Router Platform (Now available in English and Chinese.)
The Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switch and Gigabit Ethernet Prepare Cisco San Jose for the Future (Now available in English and Chinese.)
Managed Extranet Service Brings Global Partners into Cisco (Now available in English and Chinese.)
Cisco Small Mobile Office Makes Flexibility Affordable and Practical
Running Alpha Products in the Cisco Network
New! Premium Content: India Regulations


New! Premium Content: FWSM: Migrating to Stronger Firewall Protection
Deploying Cisco Security Agent to Windows Desktops
Cisco VPN Client Brings Flexibility and Cost Reduction to Cisco Remote Access Solution (Now available in English and Chinese.)
Cisco IDS 4250 Sensor Improves Performance of Cisco IT IDS (Now available in English and Chinese.)
IP Network Provides Secure Base for 2600 Closed Circuit Security Camera (Now available in English and Chinese.)
Enterprise Access Control
Cisco PIX Security Appliance

Storage Networking

New! Premium Content: Cisco Dramatically Reduces the Cost of Legal Discovery with Storage Networking
Cisco MDS Switches Rescue SAN in Amsterdam (Now available in English and Chinese.)
Cisco MDS offers safe migration path from other vendor SAN switches (Now available in English and Chinese.)
Storage Networking Provides Better Service, Lower Costs for Cisco Enterprise Resource Management (Now available in English and Chinese.)


IP Television brings Cisco employees together (Now available in English and Chinese.)


Workers on the Move Use Wireless Phones to Keep in Touch
Cisco Guest Wireless Hotspots
Cisco Deploys Wireless LAN Technology to Increase Productivity (Now available in English and Chinese.)
IOS Provides Future-Proofing for Wireless Mobility Solutions