This podcast series highlights digital innovation and how the network transforms everyday life experiences. Hear inspiring stories from people who are using technology to create, connect, and thrive globally.


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Online Philanthropy: Changing Lives from the Desktop (9:05)

Hear how blogging and the network have dramatically transformed philanthropic efforts, allowing anyone with an Internet connection to effect social change. Interviews: Dave McMurtry, HelpDaveChangeLives.org; Matt Flannery, CEO of Kiva.org.

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Delivering Life-Changing Medical Care

Hear how the network is helping a global charity and its hospital ships deliver free medical care and relief aid to some of the world's poorest nations.

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CaringBridge: The Next Best Thing to Being There (7:35)

Find out how a nonprofit is using the network to keep loved ones informed, and how an IP phone brings Santa to the hospital room.

Now Playing: The New Media Revolution (9:17)

An aspiring filmmaker's video on YouTube has made her one of the most discussed people of all time. A performance artist posts an online reality program to an audience of millions. In this podcast, hear how a broadband explosion is turning unknown entertainers into Internet celebrities. Interviews: Lital Mizel and Ze Frank

Now Playing: The Future of Commerce and Community (7:06)

Hear two very human stories that illustrate how the Internet has transformed commerce and community. Learn about one man's journey to trade a red paperclip for a house, and an Iowa filmmaker, who sold everything he owned on eBay and wrote a book about it. Interviews: Kyle McDonald and John Freyer.

Now Playing: Games with a Purpose (8:27)

Game developers are creating interactive experiences that raise awareness of global issues, while enabling online education and social action. Interviews: Barry Joseph, On-Line Leadership for Global Kids; Suzanne Seggerman, Games for Change; and others.