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Plenary Session
09.00 - 10.00 Registration & Welcome
09.45 - 10.00 Introduction, Pol Vanbiervliet, General Manager Belgium and Luxembourg, Cisco
10.00 - 10.45 Keynote :Nick Earle, VP, Services European Markets, Cisco
10.45 - 11.15 Case Cisco, Robbert Kuppens, CIO Europe, Cisco
11.15 - 12.00 Keynote Peter Hinssen, Chairman of Porthus Business & IT alignment
12:00 - 13.45 Visit Partners booth and lunch (stands will be open all day)
Breakout sessions Empowered Branch Datacenter Mobility and Collaboration Service Provider
Cenference Center- 1st floor Room Teck Room Imbuia Room Mahogany Room Palissandre
13.45 - 14.30 Wired and Wireless Branch Access Datacenter virtualisation Unified Communications and collaboration : the Unified Workspace Cisco SP Strategy
14.30 - 15.15 Unified Communications in the branch and Digital Signage VSS and datacenter switching best practices Secure Home Working Video Solutions for SP
15.15 - 15.45 NextiraOne Panduit IBM Video Solutions for SP (part 2)
15.45 - 16.15 Belgacom/Telindus/Proximus Dimension Data Break
16.15 - 17.00 Secure Branch Access Datacenter 3.0 : datacenter architectures and Nexus 7000 Unified Communications and collaboration : the Collaboration Workspace : Meetingplace and Webex NEW Cisco Edge Routing Solution for SP and Enterprise - Cisco ASR 1000
17.00 - 17.45 Branch application acceleration Datacenter Security Contact Center solutions NGN Transport: IP over DWDM and ROADM

SMB (KMO/PME) customers will be welcomed at the SMB lounge. There will be on-going Unified Communications demo sessions (French and Dutch) in the afternoon.

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Welcome to the Breakout Sessions of CiscoExpo 2008.

The Breakout Sessions aim at providing you with more detailed information behind Cisco’s products and solutions in diverse areas, combined with real-life case studies provided by our partners. Goal is to provide the concepts, technologies and use cases behind the Cisco solutions at a medium technical level

Instead of the “technology”-focused approach followed during the last years, this year the breakout tracks are organized as “Places in the Network”. Every breakout track will thereby cover all the different technologies that are deployed in that specific “Place in the Network”. The areas of focus will be:
- The Empowered Branch Office
- The Datacenter
- Mobility and Collaboration bringing you a Unified Workspace anywhere
- Service Provider specific breakouts

Technology Solutions track 1: the Empowered Branch

Session 1: Wired and Wireless Branch Access
Speaker: Christian Lorentz, European Product Manager of the Access Routing Technology Group
Technologies covered : Routing, Switching, Wireless

The Branch Office/Remote Office is the main area of interaction towards your customers. Within this breakout track, Cisco will present the Empowered Branch 4.0 concept, launched on the 8th of April, aimed at delivering you solutions to build out an environment of rich-media interactions with your customers. During this breakout session, we will go more into detail on the foundation of this empowered Branch environment. More specifically, this session will cover the latest enhancements to our branch solutions: the new 800 Series Routers, Catalyst 2900 and 3500, Wireless LAN Controller 5.0, Video Surveillance and the third party application integration in the Integrated Services Routers.

Session 2: Unified Communications in the branch and Digital Signage
Speaker: Jerry de Boer, Consulting Systems Engineer Unified Communications
Technologies covered : Voice, Video

A key part of the Empowered Branch is its enabling of voice, video and unified communications services. During this breakout session, we will go more into detail in the Unified Communications solutions (voice, presence, fixed-mobile convergence, collaboration tools) Cisco can deliver for the branch, leading to a transparent unified communications experience wherever you are in the company, wired and wireless. This session will also explain how technologies such as digital signage can be used to deliver impactful, tailored and personalized video messaging to your customers in an integrated manner, increasing the experience of your customer in his interaction with you.

Partner Session NextiraOne: NextiraOne offers Cisco certified Managed Services - Guaranteed service availability.
Speaker: Wim Lespoix, Business Unit Manager - Managed Services
How do you handle the growing complexity of your Communications infrastructure? How do you guarantee the availability of the Services? How do you control your budgets? Cisco recently launched a new partner program which recognizes the value of a well structured and professional service model. With the ‘Cisco Powered Managed Service’ label you now get the perfect combination of industry leading solutions and services. With the NextiraOne Selective Sourcing model, you can focus on your core business and rely on a professional partner for the services that are not core. Our Managed Services are not only tailored to your needs but they are also recognized by our customers and our partners as state-of-the-art services.

Cisco recently granted NextiraOne the ‘Cisco Powered Managed Services’ label. This program combines the strengths of two worlds and leads to guaranteed service availability.

Partner Session Belgacom/ Telindus: Transforming an end-to-end MPLS-based infrastructure into a complete ICT service platform
Speaker: Els Haentjens, Teamleader managed data services (Belgacom Group)
This presentation will give you more details on Belgacom's end-to-end MPLS based converged network infrastructure in both fix and mobile. It will show you how this network drives innovative services, focussing on end-to-end service delivery and making MPLS application aware.

Session 3: Secure Branch Access
Speaker: Fabien Gandola, European Security Technical Marketing Engineer
Technologies covered : Security

Next to being the prime point of interaction with your customers, the branch could also be the prime point of security attacks towards your company. Therefore, in this session, we will elaborate on the end-to-end security solution Cisco can provide to secure the branch: from VPN, firewall, Intrusion Protection System to a full policy enforcement of the Network Admission (NAC) and end-device security control, wired or wireless.

Session 4: Branch application acceleration
Speaker: Grant McNulty, Datacenter Sales Business Development Manager Technologies covered : Application Aware networking

The Branch office requirements in terms of rich-media capabilities are rising, while at the same time cost reduction and operational requirements aim at centralizing as much as possible within the premises of the datacenter. This dilemma leads to requirements of application acceleration and application awareness at the branch, tightly integrated with the network connectivity capabilities and transparent to the security enforcement. During this session, we will elaborate on the Cisco Application Acceleration solutions available for the branch office.

Technology Solutions track 2 – Datacenter

Session 1: Datacenter Storage Solutions and Virtualization
Speaker: Bjorn Martinussen, European Datacenter Consulting Engineer
Technologies covered : Storage Area Networking

This breakout track will cover all different aspects of the Datacenter 3.0 architecture, from vision to service, LAN, SAN and the new unified I/O fabric Nexus platforms. This first session will start with a more detailed view on the Storage Area Network side of the datacenter, delivering an update on the Cisco SAN solutions and the capabilities in terms of storage virtualization.

Session 2: VSS and datacenter switching best practices
Speaker: Thomas Denotte, European Technical Leader, Internet Switching Business Unit
Technologies covered : Switching

During this session, we will elaborate in more detail on the best practice architectures for the Catalyst switches platform that build out the Datacenter 3.0 architecture. More specifically, this session will go into detail on how the Catalyst 6500 Virtual Switching System (VSS) enables the next-level of network system virtualization, improving the performance and availability of the datacenter environment.

Partner Session Panduit: Data centers represent a significant portion of a typical IT budget.
Speaker: Lars-Hendrik Thom, Systems Engineer

Designing, installing and maintaining your data center investment has never been more important.
Driven by mission critical applications, data is being created, manipulated and stored at explosive rates.
You rely on your data center to support your business all day, every day because downtime means lost revenue.
Reliable, Manageable, Scalable and Secure solutions are the core of PANDUIT best-in-class and most complete cabling infrastructure for data centers.

Session 3: Datacenter 3.0: Datacenter architectures and Nexus 7000
Speaker: Yves Louis, European Datacenter Consulting Engineer
Technologies covered: Datacenter, Switching, Storage Area Networking

The Datacenter is in a full transition towards a services-centric model, demanding flexible capabilities in orchestrating virtual IT resources and scaling workloads. During this session, we will elaborate on how the Cisco Datacenter 3.0 architecture and vision can help you build out these next-generation mission-critical datacenters. During this session, we will also detail how the Cisco Nexus Family of products (Nexus 7000 and the Nexus 5000), recently announced, will play a pivotal role in the Datacenter 3.0 by delivering a unified I/O fabric architecture, combining Ethernet and storage capabilities into a single platform.

Session 4: Datacenter Security
Speaker: Christophe Paggen, Technical Marketing Manager Campus Switching Systems Technology Group
Technologies covered : Security, Switching, Application Aware Networking
A key element of the Datacenter 3.0 architecture, next to the switching and the storage part, is of course the security that needs to be build into this environment. This session will go more into detail on the wide range of Cisco security solutions that are integral part of the Datacenter architecture, from Firewall to Intrusion Protection up to Application Security and the addressing of the new encryption challenges in the datacenter.

Technology Solutions track 3 – Mobility and Collaboration

Session 1: Unified Communications and collaboration: the Unified Workspace
Speaker: Tobias Neumann, European Unified Communication Consulting Engineer
Technologies : Voice, Unified Communications, Video

During this session, we will elaborate on Cisco’s vision of the Unified Workspace, delivering Unified Communications any place, any time and on any device. This session will show how your communication capabilities can increase in efficiency (using elements like presence), can increase in rich-media capabilities (using collaboration tools) and can be transparently extended wherever you are in your Unified Workspace : in the headquarter, in a branch or remote office, at home or on the road.

Session 2: Secure Home Working
Speaker: Koen Claesen, Technical Leader Security, Cisco IT
Technologies covered : Security, Routing, Wireless LAN, Voice

In this session, we will go into more detail on Cisco home working solutions. These solutions aim at providing the same functionality at home as in the office. This session will also elaborate on the security aspects that are of importance when deploying such a solution: how can you separate company PCs from your employee home PCs, how can you handle home networks and wireless extensions at home.

Partner Session IBM: "UC² : the workstation of the future"
Speaker: Vincent Lesaint, Leader UC² SouthWest IOT, IBM France

Today it is becoming more and more virtual to be reachable any time at any place, using the same medium. Managing and integratingall the available channels into one single user interface platform is a key strength of IBM. IBM invests heavily in the development of Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC²) and sees it as is thé workstation of the future. This presentation will tell you more about what UC² can do for you and how this can help you to become an innovative company.

Partner Session: Dimension Data: Integrate your mobile phones into the enterprise communications
Speaker: Gaetan Claeys, Solution Leader Mobility, Dimension Data Belgium

Your staff wants to use their mobile phones also when they are at your company premises. Even when you negotiate with your mobile provider free mobile calls between colleagues, your users will not have access to the same services as they would have using a desk phone. Dimension Data can integrate your mobile phones into your enterprise telephone system. This provides your mobile workers access to the same services on their mobile phone as they would have on a desk phone, for example short number dialing, a single-voice mail, ... It can also give them access on newer productivity services like presence management, email access, ... in a secure and well-managed way. When your mobile workers are off-site, for example visiting your customers, they still have access to the same services and are able to call their colleagues at an advantageous rate.

Session 3: Unified Communications and collaboration: the Collaboration Workspace: Meetingplace and Webex
Speaker: Johan Van Puymbrouck, European Unified Communications Product Sales Specialist
Technologies covered : Voice, Unified Communications, Video

With a working environment changing to more cross-functional, cross-departmental or even cross-country projects and teams, with people connecting from the headquarter, remote offices, or home, enabling efficient rich-media collaboration is key. This session will go into detail on Cisco’s Collaboration solutions such as Webex and Meetingplace, combining all forms of communication and application sharing into an easy to use and efficient collaborative framework.

Session 4: Contact Center solutions
Speaker: Erwin-Paul Bouma, European Contact Center Product Sales Specialist
Technologies covered : Contact Center

Where session 2 and 3 of the Mobility and Collaboration breakout focus on extending the full reach of Unified Communications for your internal organization, this session will focus on extending the full power of Rich-Media interaction towards your customers. Whatever size your company has, Cisco has a tailored Contact Center solution that can support your multi-channel interaction and communication with your customers.

Technology Solutions track 4 – Service Provider

Session 1: Cisco SP Strategy
Speaker: Paolo Campoli, Director Sales Business Development
These are exciting times for service providers: the convergence of all networks towards IP opens the door to new opportunities. The network is no longer used only as a transport mechanism, but it becomes a platform allowing any service on any device at any time. Discover how a Cisco Next-Generation Network (NGN) infrastructure can help you to rapidly deploy innovative services in an agile and cost-efficient manner.

Session 2: Video Solutions for SP
Part 1 : Jean-Christophe Dessange, Sales Business Development Manager
Part 2 : Hans Witdouck, Director Marketing Management
Technologies covered : Video

Video entertainment services are booming on the Belgian market, and the offers are becoming increasingly personalized. Discover the combined Cisco / Scientific-Atlanta end-to-end video solutions, from the glass of the recording camera all the way to the glass of the subscriber's TV screen. These sessions will cover the latest trends on the market as well as designs for video delivery (including TV head-end, video-optimized transport, middleware, storage solutions, set-top boxes).

Session 3: NEW Cisco Edge Routing Solution for SP and Enterprise - Cisco ASR 1000 Series Services Aggregation Services Routers
Speaker: Martina Beitat, Product Manager
Technologies covered : Routing

On March 4th, Cisco announced its revolutionary new edge routing platform: the Aggregation Services Router 1000. The Cisco ASR 1000 Series transforms and future-proofs the network edge for service providers and enterprises by offering industry-leading performance, service capabilities, reliability, and efficiencies in a compact form factor. The session will offer you an in-depth view on the capabilities of this new system.

Session 4: SP Core Architecture and Products - Cisco WDM Solutions
Speaker: Philippe Rouge, European Consulting Engineer
Technologies covered : Optical

Discover the latest enhancements from Cisco in optical networking: enhance your Reconfigurable Optical Add-Drop Multiplexers (ROADM) deployments with multi-degree meshing capabilities, through the use of Wavelength Coress-Connects (WXC) and Ethernet Cross-Ponder blades. The session will also cover how to converge IP and Optical infrastructures in an optimal manner.

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