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Your employees spend as little as 30% of their day at their desks. The remainder of their working day could be spent participating in meetings in different areas of the office, working remotely, or travelling.

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Cisco's Mobility Solutions enable organizations to be more productive throughout the workday by providing employees secure, wired and wireless, high-speed access to the applications, content, and communications channels of their choice, whether they are at work, at home, or on the road. The workplace continues to evolve beyond the traditional desktop as employees and workgroups become more mobile. When professionals conduct business away from their desktop environment, they lose access to valuable applications, Internet content and communications tools. This separation from the desktop negatively impacts the productivity of teams and individuals.

To keep employees and workgroups connected, secure high-speed network access must be extended to employees who are often away from their desks and on the road. Whether an enterprise, small/medium business, or public venue, Wireless LAN is the key technology which enables mobility.