Authorized Technology Provider (ATP) Program

The Cisco Authorized Technology Provider (ATP) Program develops global market opportunities for advanced and emerging technology solutions through qualified Cisco channel partners while ensuring high customer satisfaction. The ATP Program allows Cisco to define the core knowledge and skills required to deploy an advanced or emerging technology, while further defining and developing the market opportunity.

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Cisco Authorized Technology Provider (ATP) Program

The ATP Program is an invitation-only program. To participate in the ATP Program, partners must already possess relevant job/industry/market credentials in the ATP focused technology. Before engaging with potential ATP partners, a Cisco sponsor or account manager must proceed to the ATP Instruction Page for nomination, approval, and partner invitation instructions.

Participation in the Cisco ATP program allows Cisco channel partners to develop and demonstrate expertise in specific advanced or emerging technologies through specialized training. Qualified Cisco ATP partners (those meeting all program requirements) are recognized on the Cisco Partner Locator, allowing them to differentiate themselves from competitors and providing the opportunity to enter into new markets.

Access to products in the ATP programs is restricted. Once you meet the requirements of an ATP program, you can sell the products. Get the current list of Power point restricted products for all ATP programs.

The ATP Program is a resell program for channel partners who have relevant job/industry/market credentials in the subject technology and has two models: Host and Satellite.

Host ATP Partner

A host ATP Partner must meet all training, lab and business requirements to be authorized to sell ATP products and be recognized on the partner locator. They are able to provide the following services to customers:

  • Planning
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Operation
  • Optimization
  • Professional Services
  • Post-sales Support

Satellite ATP Partner

The ATP Satellite Program allows the partner that has made the full investment the opportunity to open up sales offices in additional countries within their Cisco theater. The satellite country qualifies for ATP certification with reduced requirements, leverages the full investment of their host partner, and utilizes the host for all installation and post-sales functions. The satellite ATP partner is recognized on the Partner Locator in that satellite country.