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554 Multi-VRF CE is not listed in Feature Navigator. This is because Multi-VRF CE is a design concept within MPLS VPNs and not considered an individual Cisco IOS feature. The functionality is supported in 12.2(4)T onwards. URL
555 12.2ZA Release supports only MWAM and CSG: 12.2ZA is an early deployment release for customers wishing to deploy either the MWAM (Multi-Processor WAN Application Module) or CSG (Content Services Gateway) service modules. This release should only be used in conjunction with these service modules. Please contact your Cisco sales representative for further information on this release and these modules. 
556 12.1(13)EW Catalyst 4000 Sup3/4 Feature Set differences are not clear. The L3 Basic and Enhanced Feature Sets actually use the same IOS image, but use of OSPF, IS-IS, IGRP, and EIGRP *requires* the Enhanced Feature Sets to be ordered. URL
557 The "Cisco IP Phone Support" feature includes Inline Power support and Voice VLAN (also known as Auxiliary VLAN) support. URL


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