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Cisco Serial Number Entitlement


Serial Number Entitlement is a Cisco service policy designed to improve our ability to deliver the services that you, our customers, pay for. The Cisco service contract entitles you to a set of privileges including software updates, return materials agreements (RMAs), Global Technical Assistance, and access. Cisco wants these resources to be readily available to you so that you can get the answers and help you need quickly and easily.

Cisco requires every service request (by phone, e-mail, or through our website) to include a contract number and valid serial number(s) for the gear in question. Cisco service contracts already state that Cisco needs these numbers to verify coverage of specific items. Without valid serial numbers, Cisco cannot process a service request.

In addition, part locations must be correctly documented on contracts. Cisco requires this information to stock regional depots and cannot ship parts to locations not entitled per contract.

Benefits for Cisco Customers

The Cisco serial number entitlement policy delivers the following benefits to customers:

  • It helps Cisco provide faster, more accurate service based on actual hardware configuration and software version.

  • It allows Cisco to dedicate resources to providing the high quality services that you paid for, so you can maintain optimal operation of your Cisco network.

For further information, please consult the Frequently Asked Questions, Overview Presentation, and links located on this website. Additionally, your Cisco service account manager or Cisco channel partner can answer any questions you might have about managing and updating your service contracts to make sure that all your equipment is covered.

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