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Changes to Cisco TAC Service Request Systems

In order for our technical support service systems to run on the latest technology available, the Cisco TAC is planning several internal updates to our tracking tools this month:

New Service Request Numbering Scheme

By the end of March 2004, we will begin using a new service request numbering scheme. We want to let you know in advance of this change, in case the IT systems at your company use TAC service request numbers.

Currently, a TAC service request number contains seven characters -- one letter followed by six numbers -- like this: A123456. The new numbers will contain nine numerical digits starting with "6," like this: 612345678. Make sure to let your IT staff know about this change if your company's internal systems use TAC service request numbers.

The first phase of this transition occurred last August when the numbering sequence for all new RMAs changed from an 8-digit alphanumeric sequence (like this: D511258A) to an 8-digit numeric sequence (like this: 81234567). Multiple RMAs related to the same TAC service request are no longer sequential. Within the new system, RMAs are associated with the TAC service request number and can be cross-referenced.

We suggest you advise your IT staff of this change in the event it requires programming updates to systems using Cisco TAC service request numbers.

Active Account Required to Access Support

As of March 8, maintaining active contracts in your profile grants you access to Cisco support services as a contract-entitled user. To ensure you do not experience an interruption of your access privileges, please take a moment to update your existing profile with all of your active support contracts and personal contact details. You may update your profile at:
(available to registered users)

Make changes to your contact data by selecting the "Edit This Information" link in the Contact Information section. Request that additional contracts be added to your profile by selecting the "Edit This Information" link in the Additional Access section.

New Terminology for Service Requests

The transition to new terms related to technical support service requests should be completed by the end of March 2004. You will see the following terminology changes:

  • Case" is replacing "service request."
  • "Priority" is replacing "severity."
  • "Contract type" is replacing "service line."

New TAC Service Request Tool

The online TAC Service Request (Case) Open and TAC Service Request (Case) Query tools will be combined into a single TAC Service Request Tool by the end of March 2004. We will provide you with more information on this change in the March 17 issue of the Cisco Technical Support Newsletter.

Stay tuned to the Technical Support Newsletter and this page for the latest details on these changes. And, if you have any questions or comments about this change, you can send an e-mail to

If you don't already receive the Technical Support Newsletter, you can subscribe at:

You can also read past newsletters at the Technical Support Newsletter Archive:

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