Select one of two software download options:

1. Add new device support to my CiscoView application

CiscoView is a component of CiscoWorks2000, CiscoWorks for Windows and other management suites. The CiscoView application is made of two parts: the application engine and the device-specific software that allows you to add Cisco device support when it becomes necessary. The device-specific software files are referred to as device packages. Each Cisco device in CiscoView has a corresponding device package, though a single package file may support multiple devices.

The link above will step you through the process of selecting the correct device package for your network. After you have downloaded the package, you can refer to online installation instructions:

Devices Supported in CiscoView 5.x

Install instructions for CiscoView 5.x
Install instructions for CiscoView 4.x

2. Download functional updates to my CiscoView or CWW application

In order to update the functionality in CiscoView and CiscoWorks for Windows, Cisco releases Software Module Updates that alter your installed CiscoView application. SMUs are written to provide specific new functions or to fix a known software defect.