Cisco Inventory and Reporting - Market Trial


Delivering capabilities to discover, collect and analyze network device details and provide network aware information.
About Inventory and Reporting

Cisco® Inventory and Reporting is building the foundation for service support and delivery process improvements. It enables automated device discovery and inventory for improved Install Base data quality and better configuration management over time.

The Transport Gateway is a secure client that works as a proxy to enable secure data transmission of the collected inventory data to the Cisco backend, independent of the collection method used. The Inventory and Reporting functionality assures the export of this data via multiple secure industry standard data transmission mechanisms. Please refer to the Inventory and Reporting Security White Paper for more details.

User registration can be self-initiated by logging into the Inventory and Reporting Web Portal using your ID. The Web Portal provides access to Install Base data through various reports which provide a range of information and benefits, including:

  • End of Sale & End of Support notification through exact device/card serial number and OS release identification.
  • Targeted product release information and field notices notification.
  • Improved efficiency and effectiveness of incident, problem, change and release management.
  • Information to help support Compliance and Financial initiatives, including asset depreciation and contract management.
  • Information to help reduce security vulnerabilities through better understanding of installed devices & OS’s.

Inventory and Reporting Components

Inventory and Reporting is comprised of the following components.

1.Cisco Network Collector (CNC) is an automated network discovery and inventory tool. CNC tracks all network elements discovered or added from a seed file.

2. The Transport Gateway uses 128 bit encryption to securely upload all collected and/or inventoried data that is collected by CNC to Cisco.

3. The Back End contains four services that process the data collected by CNC and transported by the Transport Gateway.

4. The Web Portal provides a secure interface that lets users select a variety of reports in several different format types.


Participating in the Trial

Activating Inventory and Reporting requires the installation of Cisco software to enable device discovery, inventory, and upload.

A Cisco Engagement Manager will be assigned to work directly with you, providing timely support throughout the market trial engagement.

For More Information

Contact your Cisco Service Account Manager or send a request to the Cisco Inventory and Reporting team.

Resources for Market Trial Participants

If at anytime during the market trial you have a question or need to report an issue, please contact the Cisco Inventory and Reporting Support Team.

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