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APPN-to-SNA Switching Services Migration

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Product Bulletin, No. 1294


Product Bulletin, No. 1294

APPN-to-SNASw Promotion


More than 1300 Cisco Systems customers have purchased the Cisco IOS" Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking (APPN) feature set called Portable SNA (PSNA) since it was announced in 1995. PSNA will no longer be supported in Cisco IOS Release 12.1 (and later) and has been replaced by a new second-generation Cisco APPN product called SNA Switching Services (SNASw).

Cisco IOS Release 12.0 will reach its End of Sale milestone on August 13, 2001, and its End of Engineering milestone on October 15, 2001. This is the last Cisco IOS release in which the old APPN feature set is supported. Therefore, APPN customers need to migrate to the new SNASw product. To assist customers with this migration, Cisco is offering an upgrade promotion with a 50 percent discount on the SNASw license. This product bulletin provides the upgrade product numbers for this migration.

This promotion is applicable to customers who are running Cisco APPN PSNA in their networks. These customers can replace the old product with SNASw, which eliminates problems inherent with the traditional APPN technology such as extensive broadcast traffic, complex configurations, and poor serviceability, usability, and management. SNASw supports APPN Branch Extender (BX), APPN Enterprise Extender (EE), and Dependent Logical Unit Requester/Dependent Logical Unit Server (DLUR/DLUS) functionality, providing increased reliability, greater scalability, and reduced configuration effort.

Table 1 provides the upgrade product codes for the APPN-to-SNASw migration promotion.

Table 1  APPN-to-SNASw Migration Upgrade Product Codes

Upgrade Product Code
Upgrade Description

Cisco 7500


Cisco IOS 7500 Series APPN-to-SNASw upgrade

Cisco 7200


Cisco IOS 7200 Series APPN-to-SNASw upgrade

Catalyst® 5000


Cisco Catalyst 5000 Series APPN-to-SNASw upgrade

Cisco 4000


Cisco IOS 4000 Series APPN-to-SNASw upgrade

Cisco 3600


Cisco IOS 3600 Series APPN-to-SNASw upgrade

Cisco 2600


Cisco IOS 2600 Series APPN-to-SNASw Upgrade

Cisco 2500


Cisco IOS 2500 Series APPN-to-SNASw upgrade

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