Carrier-Sensitive Routing User Guide

Table of Contents

Configuring Syslog
Viewing Logs


This appendix describes the following activities:

Configuring Syslog

This section provides an overview of the UNIX syslog. For more detail, refer to the online manual page for syslog.conf.

Syslog is a general location or mechanism for logging informational messages or error messages. The messages are categorized by level, and each level can be directed to a different location specified by files, consoles, and e-mail addresses. Each line in the syslog.conf file describes the type of message, the location and how that message should be handled.

Available message levels in syslog are as follows:

  • emerg—Emergency panic
  • alert—Alert
  • crit—Critical errors
  • err—Other errors
  • warning—Warning
  • notice—Notice
  • info—Informational messages
  • debug—Debugging messages
  • none—Do not send message to file

  • Note   The Carrier-Sensitive Routing application sends messages at the err, info, and debug levels only. The debug level includes various GateKeeper Transaction Message Protocol interface attempts and additional logging of the dataset load process. This can be useful in determining where a valid dataset in the database may be fully or partially rejected during the loading process into the CSR.

Messages can originate from the following locations or facilities:

  • user—User processes from the CSR application.
  • kern—Kernel
  • mail—Mail system
  • daemon—System daemons
  • auth—Authorization system, such as login or su.
  • lpr—Print spooler
  • news—Network new systems


Example A-1   Syslog sends all error messages from all locations to the console for everyone
*.err /dev/console

Example A-2   Syslog sends all error messages generated from the kernel to the /var/adm/kern_messages file
kern.err /var/adm/kern_messages

Example A-3   Syslog sends all error messages, notice messages and error message from the authorization system to /var/adm/some_messages file
*.err,*.notice,auth.err /var/adm/some_messages

Example A-4   Syslog sends error messages to console and /var/adm/messages file separately
*.err /dev/console
*.err /var/adm/messages

Note    Log messages can be captured in more than one location.

Example A-5   Syslog sends message to the adminuser email address on the system
*.emerg adminuser

Note    Instead of adminuser, an asterisk (*) may be used. This sends the message to all e-mail accounts.

Viewing Logs

To view logs generated by the CSR application, check your syslog configuration file. Error logs are located in /var/adm/messages. Each log contain the following information:

  • Date the log entry was generated
  • Time the log entry was generated
  • Name of the machine that generated the log
  • Application/PID
  • Log level
  • Message content

Sample logs

  • Jan 2 13:01:14 ciscoe250 CSR01[8333]: ERROR: CSR Started.

Note    This is logged at err level to note when the CSR was started, even if debug and informational logging is off.

  • Jan 2 13:01:15 ciscoe250 CSR01[8333]: DEBUG: Current size of call queue: 0 (2 known GateKeeper(s)).
  • Jan 2 13:01:17 ciscoe250 CSR01[8333]: INFO: Report Version notification received -- CSR Version reported to the database.
  • Jan 2 13:01:18 ciscoe250 CSR01[8333]: DEBUG: Current size of call queue: 0 (2 known GateKeeper(s)).