Installation and Setup Guide for Cisco Secure ACS Appliance

Table Of Contents

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AC power 2-9

ACS Appliance

administering 4-1

context diagram 1-2

hardware description 1-3

system description 1-1

administering the ACS Appliance 4-1

Adobe Acrobat Reader required xxii

audience for this document xiii


back panel 1-5

backup command C-5


cable connection 3-11

cabling 2-9



rack-mounting kit 3-10

significance of xiv, accessing xxiii

command reference C-1

CLI conventions C-1

command privileges C-2

syntax, checking C-2

system help C-2

configuration, initial 3-14

configuration, initial procedure 3-15

configuration, verifying 3-20

console 1-2

context diagram 1-2


command line interface C-1

creating a safe environment 2-9


dbcompact command C-6


ACS Appliance 1-1


audience for this xiii

feedback, submitting electronically xxiv

obtaining xxiii

CD-ROM xxiii xxiii

ordering xxiv

organization of this xiiito xiv

other Cisco publications and information xxvii

related to this product xxi

typographical conventions in xiv

download command C-6


electrostatic discharge, protecting against 2-6

Ethernet connectors 1-7

exit command C-7

exportgroups command C-7, C-8


front panel 1-3


hard drive 1-3

hardware description 1-3

help xxiv xxv

system, displaying C-2

TAC xxv

Escalation Center xxvii

website xxvi

help command C-10

hostname, setting 4-32

humidity, operating A-2


initial configuration 3-14


cable connection 3-11

creating a safe environment 2-9

network, setting up 2-11

next steps 3-21

of appliance into a rack 3-6

precautions for rack-mounting 2-10

preparation 2-1

process 3-3

quick reference table 3-2

safety 2-1

site preparation 2-7

tools and equipment required 2-11

IP address

reconfiguring 4-26


logging off 4-4

logging on 4-2

login credentials, characteristics 4-39

logs, obtaining support 4-12


organization of this document xiiito xiv



recovering from loss of 4-38

resetting 4-24, 4-25

set password command C-16

personnel qualifications warning xiii

personnel training warning xiii

processor 1-3


rack installation 3-6

rack-mounting, precautions for 2-10

rebooting 4-4


CD ROM 4-38

password 4-38

recovery management 4-38

re-imaging hard drive 4-40

restart command C-12



electrostatic discharge 2-6

general precautions 2-4

installation 2-1

preventing EMI 2-7

warnings and cautions 2-1

with electricity 2-5

serial console connection 3-14

services, stopping system 4-6

set admin command C-14

set domain command C-15

set hostname command C-15

set ip command C-16

set passwd command C-16

set timeout command C-17

show command C-18

shutdown command C-18

shutting down 4-3

site preparation 2-7

cabling 2-9

choosing a site for installation 2-8

environmental 2-7

grounding the system 2-8

specifications, technical A-1

start command C-19

starting, system services 4-7

status, determining system 4-4

stop command C-19

support command C-20

support tool 4-12

syntax of commands, checking C-2

system administration 4-1

system domain, setting 4-31


TAC (Technical Assistance Center) xxv

Escalation Center xxvii

website xxvi

technical specifications A-1

technical support xxiv xxv

TAC xxv

Escalation Center xxvii

website xxvi

temperature, operating A-1

time and date, setting 4-28

time and date, setting with NTP 4-29

timeout, setting manually 4-31

typographical conventions in this document xiv


upgrade command C-22




10BaseT, 100BaseTX, and 10/100 ports 2-4

batteries, and explosion danger 2-4

chassis, opening 2-2

chassis, working on 2-2

disposal of unit 2-4

faceplates and cover panels, removing 2-3

failure to ground equipment 2-3

ground conductor, defeating 2-2, 2-8, 3-13

instructions, reading 2-4

lightning activity 2-3, 3-11

On/Off switch 2-4, 3-4

personnel, training and qualifications 2-3

power cords, more than one 2-3

rack-mounting equipment 2-10

safety cover 2-2

SELV circuits 2-4

short circuits 2-3, 2-9

training and qualifications of personnel working on unit xiii

wearing jewelry or watches when working on equipment 2-3, 3-13

regarding installation area 2-8

warning symbol 2-2

Windows services B-1