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Cisco Catalyst 3550 Series Switches

Installation Notes for the Catalyst 3550-24-DC Multilayer Switch Rel. 12.1(8)EA1


Table of Contents

Installation Notes for the Catalyst 3550-24-DC Multilayer Switch

Installation Notes for the Catalyst 3550-24-DC Multilayer Switch

March 2002

This document describes the Catalyst 3550-24-DC Multilayer Switch (hereafter referred to as the switch) and provides its DC-power specifications and the instructions for connecting it to a DC-input power source. Before connecting the switch to DC power, you must first install the switch by following the instructions in the Catalyst 3550 Multilayer Switch Hardware Installation Guide.


This document has these sections:


The Catalyst 3550-24-DC switch (part number WS-C3550-24-DC-SMI) is a workgroup Ethernet switch equipped with an on-board direct-current (DC) power converter. The DC-power converter has dual primary feeds (A and B) that are diode OR'd into a single power block.

The rear panel of the switch has a DC power connector, a redundant power system (RPS) connector, and an RJ-45 console port. The front panel of the switch has 24 10/100 RJ-45 Ethernet ports, 2 Gigabit Interface Converter (GBIC) ports, a set of LEDs, and a Mode button. For more information about the front- and rear-panel components of the switch, refer to the Catalyst 3550 Multilayer Switch Hardware Installation Guide.


This document uses these conventions and symbols for notes, cautions, and warnings:

Note   Means reader take note. Notes contain helpful suggestions or references to materials not contained in this manual.

Caution   Means reader be careful. In this situation, you might do something that could result in equipment damage or loss of data.

Warning This warning symbol means danger. You are in a situation that could cause bodily injury. Before you work on any equipment, be aware of the hazards involved with electrical circuitry and be familiar with standard practices for preventing accidents.


Dit waarschuwingssymbool betekent gevaar. U verkeert in een situatie die lichamelijk letsel kan veroorzaken. Voordat u aan enige apparatuur gaat werken, dient u zich bewust te zijn van de bij elektrische schakelingen betrokken risico's en dient u op de hoogte te zijn van standaard maatregelen om ongelukken te voorkomen.


Tämä varoitusmerkki merkitsee vaaraa. Olet tilanteessa, joka voi johtaa ruumiinvammaan. Ennen kuin työskentelet minkään laitteiston parissa, ota selvää sähkökytkentöihin liittyvistä vaaroista ja tavanomaisista onnettomuuksien ehkäisykeinoista.


Ce symbole d'avertissement indique un danger. Vous vous trouvez dans une situation pouvant entraîner des blessures. Avant d'accéder à cet équipement, soyez conscient des dangers posés par les circuits électriques et familiarisez-vous avec les procédures courantes de prévention des accidents.


Dieses Warnsymbol bedeutet Gefahr. Sie befinden sich in einer Situation, die zu einer Körperverletzung führen könnte. Bevor Sie mit der Arbeit an irgendeinem Gerät beginnen, seien Sie sich der mit elektrischen Stromkreisen verbundenen Gefahren und der Standardpraktiken zur Vermeidung von Unfällen bewußt.


Questo simbolo di avvertenza indica un pericolo. Si è in una situazione che può causare infortuni. Prima di lavorare su qualsiasi apparecchiatura, occorre conoscere i pericoli relativi ai circuiti elettrici ed essere al corrente delle pratiche standard per la prevenzione di incidenti.


Dette varselsymbolet betyr fare. Du befinner deg i en situasjon som kan føre til personskade. Før du utfører arbeid på utstyr, må du være oppmerksom på de faremomentene som elektriske kretser innebærer, samt gjøre deg kjent med vanlig praksis når det gjelder å unngå ulykker.


Este símbolo de aviso indica perigo. Encontra-se numa situação que lhe poderá causar danos fisicos. Antes de começar a trabalhar com qualquer equipamento, familiarize-se com os perigos relacionados com circuitos eléctricos, e com quaisquer práticas comuns que possam prevenir possíveis acidentes.


Este símbolo de aviso significa peligro. Existe riesgo para su integridad física. Antes de manipular cualquier equipo, considerar los riesgos que entraña la corriente eléctrica y familiarizarse con los procedimientos estándar de prevención de accidentes.


Denna varningssymbol signalerar fara. Du befinner dig i en situation som kan leda till personskada. Innan du utför arbete på någon utrustning måste du vara medveten om farorna med elkretsar och känna till vanligt förfarande för att förebygga skador.

DC-Power Specifications

The switch is for use in DC operating environments and has these power-source specifications:

Description Design Specification

Power consumption


DC input voltage

-36 to -72 VDC

Wire gauge for power connection

18 AWG1 (6 AWG for protective earth)

Branch circuit protection


1AWG = American Wire Gauge

Connecting to DC Power

To connect the switch to a DC-input power source, follow these steps:

Warning The Catalyst 3550-24-DC contains no field-replaceable units (FRUs). Do not open the chassis or attempt to remove or replace any components. For information about obtaining service for this unit, contact your reseller or Cisco sales representative.

Warning The equipment is to be installed in a restricted access area.

Warning Ethernet cables must be shielded when used in a central office environment.

Preparing for Power Connection

Locate the ground lug and the two number-10-32 screws on the switch rear panel and the DC terminal block plug in the DC-switch accessory kit.

Obtain these necessary tools and equipment:

  • Ratcheting torque screwdriver with a Phillips head that exerts up to 15 pound-force inches (lbf-in.) of pressure

  • Panduit crimping tool with optional controlled cycle mechanism (model CT-700, CT-720, CT-920, CT-920CH, CT-930, or CT-940CH)

  • 6-gauge copper ground wire (insulated or noninsulated)

  • Four leads of 18-gauge copper wire

  • Wire-stripping tools for stripping 6- and 18-gauge wires

Grounding the Switch

Warning This equipment is intended to be grounded. Ensure that the host is connected to earth ground during normal use.

Caution   To make sure that the equipment is reliably connected to earth ground, follow the grounding procedure instructions, and use a UL-listed lug suitable for number-6 AWG wire and two number-10-32 ground-lug screws.

Warning When installing the unit, always make the ground connection first and disconnect it last.

To ground the switch to earth ground, follow these steps. Make sure to follow any grounding requirements at your site.

Step 1   Locate and remove the ground lug and the two number-10-32 ground-lug screws from the rear panel of the switch. (See Figure 3 for location.) Use a standard Phillips screwdriver or a ratcheting torque screwdriver with a Phillips head. Set the screws and the ground lug aside.

Step 2   If your ground wire is insulated, use a wire stripping tool to strip the 6-gauge ground wire to 0.5 inch ± 0.02 inch as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Stripping the Ground Wire

Step 3   Slide the open end of the ground lug over the exposed area of the 6-gauge wire.

Step 4   Using a Panduit crimping tool, crimp the ground lug to the 6-gauge wire.

Figure 2: Crimping the Ground Lug

Step 5   Use the two number-10-32 screws to attach the ground lug and wire assembly to the switch rear panel RPS connector as shown in Figure 3.

Step 6   Using a ratcheting torque screwdriver, torque each ground-lug screw to 15 lbf-in. (240 ounce-force inches [ozf-in.]).

Figure 3: Torquing Ground-Lug Screws

Wiring the DC-Input Power Source

Warning Only trained and qualified personnel should be allowed to install or replace this equipment.

Warning Before performing any of the following procedures, ensure that power is removed from the DC circuit. To ensure that all power is OFF, locate the circuit breaker on the panel board that services the DC circuit, switch the circuit breaker to the OFF position, and tape the switch handle of the circuit breaker in the OFF position.

Caution   You must connect the Catalyst 3550-24-DC switch only to a DC-input power source that has an input supply voltage from -36 to -72 VDC. If the supply voltage is not in this range, the switch might not operate properly or might be damaged.

Caution   The switch must be installed with 5A-branch-circuit protection.

Note   This installation must comply with all applicable codes.

To wire the switch to a DC-input power source, follow these steps:

Step 1   Locate the terminal block plug (see Figure 4).

Figure 4: Terminal Block Plug

Step 2   Identify the positive and negative feed positions for the terminal block connection. The wiring sequence is positive to positive and negative to negative for both the A and the B feed wires. The switch rear panel identifies the positive and negative positions for both the A and B feed wires.

Figure 5: Positive and Negative Positions on the Switch Rear Panel

Step 3   Using a 18-gauge wire-stripping tool, strip each of the four wires coming from the DC-input power source to 0.27 inch ± 0.02 inch. Do not strip more than 0.29 inch of insulation from the wire. Stripping more than the recommended amount of wire can leave exposed wire from the terminal block plug after installation.

Figure 6: Stripping the DC-Input Power Source Wire

Step 4   Insert the exposed wire of one of the four DC-input power source wires into the terminal block plug. Make sure that you cannot see any wire lead. Only wire with insulation should extend from the terminal block.

Warning An exposed wire lead from a DC-input power source can conduct harmful levels of electricity. Be sure that no exposed portion of the DC-input power source wire extends from the terminal block plug.

Figure 7: Inserting Wires in the Terminal Block Plug

Step 5   Use a ratcheting torque screwdriver to torque the terminal block captive screw (above the installed wire lead) to 4.5 lbf-in. (72 ozf-in.). (See Figure 8.)

Caution   Do not overtorque the terminal-block captive screws. The recommended maximum torque is 4.5 lbf-in.

Figure 8: Torquing the Terminal-Block Captive Screws

Step 6   Repeat Steps 4 and 5 for the remaining three DC-input power source wires. Figure 9 shows the completed wiring of a terminal block plug.

Figure 9: Completed Wiring of Terminal Block Plug

Step 7   Insert the terminal block plug in the terminal block header on the switch rear panel (see Figure 10).

Caution   Secure the wires coming in from the terminal block so that they cannot be disturbed by casual contact. For example, use tie wraps to secure the wires to the rack.

Figure 10: Inserting the Terminal Block in the Block Header

Step 8   Remove the tape from the circuit-breaker switch handle, and move the circuit-breaker handle to the on position.

Connecting the Switch to Compatible Devices

Note   When connecting the switch 10/100 ports to compatible devices, you must use shielded twisted-pair, Category 5 cable if intrabuilding lightning surge protection is required. Make sure that the cable shield is properly terminated at each end.

Translated Safety Warnings

This section repeats in multiple languages the warnings in this publication.

Catalyst 3550-24-DC Service Requirement

Warning The Catalyst 3550-24-DC contains no field-replaceable units (FRUs). Do not open the chassis or attempt to remove or replace any components. For information about obtaining service for this unit, contact your reseller or Cisco sales representative.


De Catalyst 3550-24-DC bevat geen FRU's (field-replaceable units ofwel veldvervangbare eenheden). Open het chassis niet en probeer geen onderdelen te verwijderen of te vervangen. Voor informatie omtrent het onderhoud voor deze eenheid dient u contact op te nemen met uw doorverkoper of verkoopvertegenwoordiger van Cisco.


Catalyst 3550-24-DC ei sisällä kenttäkorjattavia laitteita. Runkoa ei saa avata, eikä osia saa yrittää poistaa tai korjata. Laitteen huoltoa koskevia tietoja saa jälleenmyyjältä tai Ciscon myyntiedustajalta.


Le Catalyst 3550-24-DC ne dispose pas d'unités remplaçables sur site (FRU). Il est recommandé de ne pas ouvrir le châssis ni de retirer ou remplacer des composants. Pour plus de détails sur la maintenance de cette unité, contactez votre revendeur ou votre ingénieur commercial Cisco.


Der Catalyst 3550-24-DC enthält keine vor Ort austauschbaren Einheiten (FRUs). Das Gehäuse nicht öffnen und Komponenten nicht entfernen oder ersetzen. Serviceinformationen zu dieser Einheit erhalten Sie von Ihrem Wiederverkäufer oder von Ihrem Cisco-Vertreter.


Catalyst 3550-24-DC non ha componenti sostituibili sul posto (FRU). Non aprite lo chassis o tentate di rimuovere o sostituire componenti. Per maggiori informazioni sui servizi di assistenza per questo dispositivo, contattate il vostro rivenditore Cisco.


Catalyst 3550-24-DC inneholder ingen kunde-utskiftbare deler (FRU-deler). Gjør ikke forsøk på å åpne kabinettet eller fjerne eller skifte ut noen av komponentene. Ta kontakt med forhandleren eller en Cisco-salgsrepresentant for informasjon om hvor det kan utføres service på enheten.


O interruptor Catalisador 3550-24-DC não contém nenhuma unidade substituível em campo. Não abrir o chassis ou tentar remover ou substituir quaisquer componentes. Para mais informações sobre a manutenção desta unidade, contactar o seu revendedor ou um representante de vendas da Cisco.


El Catalyst 3550-24-DC no contiene componentes reemplazables en las instalaciones (Field-Replaceable Units, FRU). No abra el chasis ni intente reemplazar componentes. Para más información sobre cómo reparar este aparato, póngase en contacto con su distribuidor o representante de Cisco.


Catalyst 3550-24-DC innehåller inte några enheter som kan bytas ut på fältet. Öppna inte chassit och försök inte heller att ta bort eller byta ut några delar. Kontakta återförsäljaren eller representanten för Cisco om du behöver information om service av enheten.

Restricted Area Equipment Installation

Warning The equipment is to be installed in a restricted access area.


De uitrusting dient geïnstalleerd te worden in een gebied met beperkte toegang.


Laite tulee asentaa tilaan, johon on rajoitettu pääsy.


Cet équipement doit être installé uniquement dans une zone à accès limité.


Die Ausrüstung muß in einem Bereich installiert werden, der gegen unbefugtes Betreten geschützt ist.


Installate questo apparato unicamente in zone di accesso regolamentate.


Utstyret skal installeres på et sted med begrenset adgang.


O equipamento é para ser instalado numa área de acesso restrito.


El equipo debe instalarse en una zona de acceso restringido.


Utrustningen måste installeras på plats med åtkomst endast för behörig personal.

Ethernet Cable Shielding in Offices

Warning Ethernet cables must be shielded when used in a central office environment.


Ethernetkabels dienen beveiligd te worden als ze in een centrale kantooromgeving worden gebruikt.


Ethernet-kaapelit täytyy suojata, kun niitä käytetään yleisessä toimistoympäristössä.


Pour une utilisation en site central, les câbles Ethernet doivent être impérativement blindés.


Ethernet-Kabel müssen abgeschirmt werden, wenn sie in einer Zentrale eingesetzt werden.


I cavi Ethernet devono essere schermati se utilizzati in un ambiente di ufficio centrale.


Ethernet-kabler skal være skjermet når de brukes i et sentralt kontormiljø.


Os cabos "Ethernet" deverão estar armados quando usados em ambiente de escritório central.


Los cables Ethernet deben estar protegidos cuando se usen dentro de una oficina central.


Ethernetkablar måste vara avskärmade vid användning i central kontorsmiljö.

Grounded Equipment Warning

Warning This equipment is intended to be grounded. Ensure that the host is connected to earth ground during normal use.


Deze apparatuur hoort geaard te worden Zorg dat de host-computer tijdens normaal gebruik met aarde is verbonden.


Tämä laitteisto on tarkoitettu maadoitettavaksi. Varmista, että isäntälaite on yhdistetty maahan normaalikäytön aikana.


Cet équipement doit être relié à la terre. S'assurer que l'appareil hôte est relié à la terre lors de l'utilisation normale.


Dieses Gerät muß geerdet werden. Stellen Sie sicher, daß das Host-Gerät während des normalen Betriebs an Erde gelegt ist.


Questa apparecchiatura deve essere collegata a massa. Accertarsi che il dispositivo host sia collegato alla massa di terra durante il normale utilizzo.


Dette utstyret skal jordes. Forviss deg om vertsterminalen er jordet ved normalt bruk.


Este equipamento deverá estar ligado à terra. Certifique-se que o host se encontra ligado à terra durante a sua utilização normal.


Este equipo debe conectarse a tierra. Asegurarse de que el equipo principal esté conectado a tierra durante el uso normal.


Denna utrustning är avsedd att jordas. Se till att värdenheten är jordad vid normal användning.

Ground Connection Warning

Warning When installing the unit, always make the ground connection first and disconnect it last.


Bij de installatie van het toestel moet de aardverbinding altijd het eerste worden gemaakt en het laatste worden losgemaakt.


Laitetta asennettaessa on maahan yhdistäminen aina tehtävä ensiksi ja maadoituksen irti kytkeminen viimeiseksi.


Lors de l'installation de l'appareil, la mise à la terre doit toujours être connectée en premier et déconnectée en dernier.


Der Erdanschluß muß bei der Installation der Einheit immer zuerst hergestellt und zuletzt abgetrennt werden.


In fase di installazione dell'unità, eseguire sempre per primo il collegamento a massa e disconnetterlo per ultimo.


Når enheten installeres, må jordledningen alltid tilkobles først og frakobles sist.


Ao instalar a unidade, a ligação à terra deverá ser sempre a primeira a ser ligada, e a última a ser desligada.


Al instalar el equipo, conectar la tierra la primera y desconectarla la última.


Vid installation av enheten måste jordledningen alltid anslutas först och kopplas bort sist.

Qualified Personnel Warning

Warning Only trained and qualified personnel should be allowed to install or replace this equipment.


Installatie en reparaties mogen uitsluitend door getraind en bevoegd personeel uitgevoerd worden.


Ainoastaan koulutettu ja pätevä henkilökunta saa asentaa tai vaihtaa tämän laitteen.


Tout installation ou remplacement de l'appareil doit être réalisé par du personnel qualifié et compétent.


Gerät nur von geschultem, qualifiziertem Personal installieren oder auswechseln lassen.


Solo personale addestrato e qualificato deve essere autorizzato ad installare o sostituire questo apparecchio.


Kun kvalifisert personell med riktig opplæring bør montere eller bytte ut dette utstyret.


Este equipamento deverá ser instalado ou substituído apenas por pessoal devidamente treinado e qualificado.


Estos equipos deben ser instalados y reemplazados exclusivamente por personal técnico adecuadamente preparado y capacitado.


Denna utrustning ska endast installeras och bytas ut av utbildad och kvalificerad personal.

DC Power Disconnection Warning

Warning Before performing any of the following procedures, ensure that power is removed from the DC circuit. To ensure that all power is OFF, locate the circuit breaker on the panel board that services the DC circuit, switch the circuit breaker to the OFF position, and tape the switch handle of the circuit breaker in the OFF position.


Voordat u een van de onderstaande procedures uitvoert, dient u te controleren of de stroom naar het gelijkstroom circuit uitgeschakeld is. Om u ervan te verzekeren dat alle stroom UIT is geschakeld, kiest u op het schakelbord de stroomverbreker die het gelijkstroom circuit bedient, draait de stroomverbreker naar de UIT positie en plakt de schakelaarhendel van de stroomverbreker met plakband in de UIT positie vast.


Varmista, että tasavirtapiirissä ei ole virtaa ennen seuraavien toimenpiteiden suorittamista. Varmistaaksesi, että virta on KATKAISTU täysin, paikanna tasavirrasta huolehtivassa kojetaulussa sijaitseva suojakytkin, käännä suojakytkin KATKAISTU-asentoon ja teippaa suojakytkimen varsi niin, että se pysyy KATKAISTU-asennossa.


Avant de pratiquer l'une quelconque des procédures ci-dessous, vérifier que le circuit en courant continu n'est plus sous tension. Pour en être sûr, localiser le disjoncteur situé sur le panneau de service du circuit en courant continu, placer le disjoncteur en position fermée (OFF) et, à l'aide d'un ruban adhésif, bloquer la poignée du disjoncteur en position OFF.


Vor Ausführung der folgenden Vorgänge ist sicherzustellen, daß die Gleichstromschaltung keinen Strom erhält. Um sicherzustellen, daß sämtlicher Strom abgestellt ist, machen Sie auf der Schalttafel den Unterbrecher für die Gleichstromschaltung ausfindig, stellen Sie den Unterbrecher auf AUS, und kleben Sie den Schaltergriff des Unterbrechers mit Klebeband in der AUS-Stellung fest.


Prima di svolgere una qualsiasi delle procedure seguenti, verificare che il circuito CC non sia alimentato. Per verificare che tutta l'alimentazione sia scollegata (OFF), individuare l'interruttore automatico sul quadro strumenti che alimenta il circuito CC, mettere l'interruttore in posizione OFF e fissarlo con nastro adesivo in tale posizione.


Før noen av disse prosedyrene utføres, kontroller at strømmen er frakoblet likestrømkretsen. Sørg for at all strøm er slått AV. Dette gjøres ved å lokalisere strømbryteren på brytertavlen som betjener likestrømkretsen, slå strømbryteren AV og teipe bryterhåndtaket på strømbryteren i AV-stilling.


Antes de executar um dos seguintes procedimentos, certifique-se que desligou a fonte de alimentação de energia do circuito de corrente contínua. Para se assegurar que toda a corrente foi DESLIGADA, localize o disjuntor no painel que serve o circuito de corrente contínua e coloque-o na posição OFF (Desligado), segurando nessa posição a manivela do interruptor do disjuntor com fita isoladora.


Antes de proceder con los siguientes pasos, comprobar que la alimentación del circuito de corriente continua (CC) esté cortada (OFF). Para asegurarse de que toda la alimentación esté cortada (OFF), localizar el interruptor automático en el panel que alimenta al circuito de corriente continua, cambiar el interruptor automático a la posición de Apagado (OFF), y sujetar con cinta la palanca del interruptor automático en posición de Apagado (OFF).


Innan du utför någon av följande procedurer måste du kontrollera att strömförsörjningen till likströmskretsen är bruten. Kontrollera att all strömförsörjning är BRUTEN genom att slå AV det överspänningsskydd som skyddar likströmskretsen och tejpa fast överspänningsskyddets omkopplare i FRÅN-läget.

Exposed DC Power Wire Warning

Warning An exposed wire lead from a DC-input power source can conduct harmful levels of electricity. Be sure that no exposed portion of the DC-input power source wire extends from the terminal block plug.


Een blootgestelde verbindingsdraad van een ingangsgelijkstroombron kan gevaarlijke elektriciteitsniveaus geleiden. Zorg ervoor dat geen blootgesteld deel van het draad van de ingangsgelijkstroombron zich uitstrekt vanuit het aansluitblok van de terminal.


Tasavirtalähteestä tuleva avoin johto voi johtaa vaarallisen määrän sähköä. Varmista, ettei kaapelikengän pistokkeesta tule esille lainkaan tasavirtajohdon avointa osaa.


Pour éviter tout risque de choc électrique, vérifiez que les câbles d'alimentation secteur sont protégés par une gaine. Aucun fil dénudé ne doit apparaître hors du bloc d'alimentation du terminal.


Eine ungeschützte Kabelleitung von einer Gleichstrom-Eingangsspannungsquelle kann schädliche Elektrizitätslevel führen. Achten Sie darauf, daß von dem Klemmleistenstecker aus kein ungeschütztes Eingangsgleichstromkabel freiliegt.


Un cavo elettrico scoperto proveniente da un alimentatore DC-INPUT può trasmettere scariche elettriche ad elevata tensione. Assicuratevi che i cavi in uscita dall'alimentatore DC-input non presentino punti scoperti.


En avdekket ledning fra en likestrømskilde kan lede farlig elektrisitet. Kontroller at ingen avdekkede deler av ledningen til likestrømskilden stikker ut av terminalens koblingsblokk.


Um fio condutor exposto de uma unidade de entrada de DC (corrente contínua) pode transportar níveis perigosos de electricidade. Certifique-se de que nenhuma secção exposta de um fio condutor da fonte de energia de entrada de DC se extende a partir da ficha da placa de terminais.


Un cable desnudo de una fuente de entrada de alimentación de corriente directa (DC) puede conducir niveles de electricidad peligrosos. Asegúrese de que ninguna parte del cable de la fuente de alimentación de DC de entrada sale del enchufe del bloque de terminal.


En blottad trådledning från en likströmsförsörjningsenhet kan utgöra en ledare för skadliga elektricitetsnivåer. Se till att inte någon blottad ledningsdel från likströmsförsörjningsenheten sticker ut från stiftplinten.

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Cisco provides Cisco.com as a starting point for all technical assistance. Customers and partners can obtain documentation, troubleshooting tips, and sample configurations from online tools by using the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) Web Site. Cisco.com registered users have complete access to the technical support resources on the Cisco TAC Web Site.


Cisco.com is the foundation of a suite of interactive, networked services that provides immediate, open access to Cisco information, networking solutions, services, programs, and resources at any time, from anywhere in the world.

Cisco.com is a highly integrated Internet application and a powerful, easy-to-use tool that provides a broad range of features and services to help you to

  • Streamline business processes and improve productivity

  • Resolve technical issues with online support

  • Download and test software packages

  • Order Cisco learning materials and merchandise

  • Register for online skill assessment, training, and certification programs

You can self-register on Cisco.com to obtain customized information and service. To access Cisco.com, go to the following URL:


Technical Assistance Center

The Cisco TAC is available to all customers who need technical assistance with a Cisco product, technology, or solution. Two types of support are available through the Cisco TAC: the Cisco TAC Web Site and the Cisco TAC Escalation Center.

Inquiries to Cisco TAC are categorized according to the urgency of the issue:

  • Priority level 4 (P4)—You need information or assistance concerning Cisco product capabilities, product installation, or basic product configuration.

  • Priority level 3 (P3)—Your network performance is degraded. Network functionality is noticeably impaired, but most business operations continue.

  • Priority level 2 (P2)—Your production network is severely degraded, affecting significant aspects of business operations. No workaround is available.

  • Priority level 1 (P1)—Your production network is down, and a critical impact to business operations will occur if service is not restored quickly. No workaround is available.

Which Cisco TAC resource you choose is based on the priority of the problem and the conditions of service contracts, when applicable.

Cisco TAC Web Site

The Cisco TAC Web Site allows you to resolve P3 and P4 issues yourself, saving both cost and time. The site provides around-the-clock access to online tools, knowledge bases, and software. To access the Cisco TAC Web Site, go to the following URL:


All customers, partners, and resellers who have a valid Cisco services contract have complete access to the technical support resources on the Cisco TAC Web Site. The Cisco TAC Web Site requires a Cisco.com login ID and password. If you have a valid service contract but do not have a login ID or password, go to the following URL to register:


If you cannot resolve your technical issues by using the Cisco TAC Web Site, and you are a Cisco.com registered user, you can open a case online by using the TAC Case Open tool at the following URL:


If you have Internet access, it is recommended that you open P3 and P4 cases through the Cisco TAC Web Site.

Cisco TAC Escalation Center

The Cisco TAC Escalation Center addresses issues that are classified as priority level 1 or priority level 2; these classifications are assigned when severe network degradation significantly impacts business operations. When you contact the TAC Escalation Center with a P1 or P2 problem, a Cisco TAC engineer will automatically open a case.

To obtain a directory of toll-free Cisco TAC telephone numbers for your country, go to the following URL:


Before calling, please check with your network operations center to determine the level of Cisco support services to which your company is entitled; for example, SMARTnet, SMARTnet Onsite, or Network Supported Accounts (NSA). In addition, please have available your service agreement number and your product serial number.

This document is to be used in conjunction with the documents listed in th "Related Publications" section.

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