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Cisco ONS 15454 Series Multiservice Provisioning Platforms

Field Notice: FN012851: ONS 15454 2.2 Software Requires 15454-E100T= 800- 06747-05 A0 or Later

Updated August 31, 2000

August 10, 2000

Products Affected




800-06747-01 (All Revision) ^ASY,ELMECH,10/100BT,12 CKT,RJ45


800-06747-02 (All Revisions) ^ASY,ELMECH,10/100BT,12 CKT,RJ45


800-06747-03 (All Revisions) ^ASY,ELMECH,10/100BT,12 CKT,RJ45


800-06747-04 (All Revisions) ^ASY,ELMECH,10/100BT,12 CKT,RJ45


CE 87-31-00011 (All Revisions) 10/100BT, 12 ckt, RJ45

Problem Description

All versions of the E100T card prior to 800-06747-05 A0 will require a hardware upgrade to support features introduced in version 2.2 Cisco Transport Controller (CTC) and later.


The 15454-E100T= card has been redsigned to support functionality introduced with CTC 2.2. CTC 2.2 will not operate with all older versions of the card (see Affected Products above).

Problem Symptoms

All boards prior to 800-0647-05, including the Cerent p/n CE 87-31-00011, will not support version 2.2 CTC or later.


Cisco Systems is initiating a product upgrade and will be contacting customers to arrange an upgrade of the E100T card. If you have not been contacted by a Cisco Field Representative you may contact our Technical Assistance Center to request the issuance of a Return Materials Authorization (RMA). If you are scheduled to receive an upgrade to release 2.2 of CTC, please make sure to report the existence of any of these boards in your network as old revision boards will not operate with CTC 2.2. It is important to understand that without the upgraded cards Ethernet traffic will not operate using CTC 2.2.

How To Identify Hardware Levels

To identify a 15454-E100T= card version:

  1. Open the Cerent Management System (CMS).

  2. From the Shelf View, Click on the Inventory Tab.

  3. Check the HW Part # and HW Rev fields to verify that you have the appropriate board revision.


For More Information

If you require further assistance, or if you have any further questions regarding this field notice, please contact the Cisco Systems Technical Assistance Center (TAC) by one of the following methods:

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