Cisco INA2320 Installation and Configuration Guide
FTP Server Setup

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FTP Server Setup (Microsoft WIN NT4.0)

FTP Server Setup (Microsoft WIN NT4.0)

In this chapter you find a step-by-step description how to install and set up an FTP service on a PC. This chapter contains the following sections:

Introduction to the FTP service (Microsoft WIN NT4.0)

An FTP server is an FTP service supporting file transfers between local and remote systems that support this protocol. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, this describes the process of being able to access computers around the world. FTP is used to copy files from your computer to the INA headend unit and vice versa.

In order to gain access to this FTP server the system administrator must add a user ID called INA with the password "ina" to the system. The FTP service requires that the user (INA) logs on to use the service.

PC Requirements

Following are the PC requirements for installing an FTP service program:

  • Pentium class PC with minimum 32 MB of RAM

  • CD-ROM drive

  • Windows NT 4.0 (have the Windows NT 4.0 CD-ROM available, you need it in the installation process)

  • Standard Ethernet card for network interface

To Install an FTP Service on the PC

As a step-by-step example, the installation of the Microsoft Peer Web Service (included on the Windows NT CD-ROM) is described in the following paragraphs.

To install the FTP service Microsoft Peer Web Service:

Step 1   Click Start>Control Panel.

Step 2   Click Network.

Step 3   Select the Services tab.

Step 4   Click Add.

Step 5   Select Microsoft Peer Web Server and click OK. The system asks you to insert the Windows NT 4.0 CD-ROM.

Step 6   Insert the Windows NT 4.0 CD-ROM.

Step 7   Enter the correct letter for the CD-ROM drive and click OK.

Step 8   Select FTP Service.

The Internet Service Manager is always selected too.

Step 9   Click OK and follow the instructions on the screen.

Step 10   Click Close.

This finishes the installation of the FTP server program on your PC.

Set Up the FTP Service Program

You have to check and/or change some settings to make the FTP server program work with the Interactive Network Adapter.

Step 1   Click Start>Programs>Microsoft Peer Web Services>Internet Service Manager.

Step 2   Select your PC and double-click.

Step 3   In the Service tab of the window FTP Service Properties, deselect Anonymous Connections.

Only registered users can access this FTP server, in this case the user "ina."

Step 4   In the Directories tab of the FTP Service Properties window, select the PC and click Edit Properties.

Step 5   Enable Read and Write by clicking the check boxes.

In order for an FTP client (here the INA) to be allowed to see a directory in a directory listing and Get (down load) files from that directory, the Read permission must be set for that directory.

In order for an FTP client (here the INA) to be able to put (upload) files into a directory, the Write permission must be set for that directory.

Step 6   Click OK and close the Microsoft Internet Service window.

The FTP service program installation and setup is finished now. To continue with the software installation, see Booting from an FTP Server.

Specific IP Address on the FTP Server

To setup a specific IP address on your PC, you have to configure the TCP/IP protocol:

Step 1   In the Network window, click on the Protocols tab.

Step 2   Select TCP/IP.

If not listed, install TCP/IP before continuing, see the user manual for Windows NT for installation.

Step 3   Click Properties.

The window Microsoft TCP/IP Properties is displayed showing the tab IP address.

Step 4   Click on the arrow in the Adapter field and select your Ethernet Adapter.

Step 5   For the tab IP Address of the FTP server, enter:

  • IP address:

  • Subnet mask:

  • Gateway: for systems under commissioning enter (INA address) OR enter the gateway of your local router (normally handled by the local network administrator)

Type the values in. The leading zeroes are not significant. To move from one field to the next in the entry line use the mouse.

Note   As the INA on initial power on looks for an FTP server having the IP address, an ftp server with the INA software installed is mandatory on this IP address.

Step 6   Click OK, then Close.

The system updates its configuration.

Step 7   Click Yes to restart the PC.

When you have finished updating the system, the PC asks you to shut down and restart your PC. After the restart of the PC, the new settings will take effect.

Adding a User INA to the System

Now that the FTP service is set up, you must add the Interactive Network Adapter as a new user to the system. Otherwise, the Interactive Network Adapter will not be allowed by the Windows NT PC to log on to the FTP service and read or write files.

To add the Interactive Network Adapter as a new user:

Note   Make sure that you are logged on with administrator rights.

Step 1   Click Start>Programs>Administrative Tools>User Manager

Step 2   Click User>New User.

Step 3   Fill in the user name "ina" the password is "ina."

In the description field, you can enter the location and the IP address of this unit.

Step 4   Deselect User Must Change Password at Next Logon.

The unit cannot change its password. It always has the password "ina."

Step 5   Select Password Never Expires.

By selecting this option, you make sure that the INA can always log on.