Cisco INA2320 Installation and Configuration Guide
Troubleshooting the Installation

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Troubleshooting the Installation

Troubleshooting the Installation


The following table provides information on how to identify and resolve issues.

Symptom Cause What to do

No cable modems can sign on

Wrong modulator frequency

Check the output frequency on a spectrum analyzer before connection to the HFC.

Check that the modulator frequency is set to the same value in:

  • The upconverter

  • The INA Management Software

  • Check that both are in Hz or kHz.

The default value of the modulator frequency is 650 MHz. Make sure that this frequency is not in use by another service when you can start up the INA. Having started up the INA, you can change the frequency of the modulator (see INA Modulator Setup).

A cable modem cannot sign on

Signal level from cable modem not in the correct range

You have to set an allowed range for the input level for the signal coming from the cable modem. You must allow for the attenuation of the signal on its way from the modem to the headend.

The range is dependent on the attenuation of the network.

Example: The input level at the Cisco DVB Interactive Network Adapter INA2320 is set to 70 dbµV; the allowed range for the modem might be approximately 80 to 120 dbµV, depending on the network attenuation.

Output level frequency is not the frequency displayed in the upconverter

A mismatch has occurred between selected RF output level in the display and actual output level at the RF output.

The RF output level of the converter module is adjusted correctly at the factory. If you are in doubt about whether the output level you have selected in the display is correct, connect a unit to measure the RF output level to the INA and measure the actual output. To adjust the output level to the value selected in the menu of the converter, insert a flat-bladed screwdriver into the opening on the front plate of the converter module and adjust the level to the correct value.

Can I restore the last saved configuration?

Use the function Load from file in the Values menu in the INA Management Software to reload the last saved configuration.